Solved Computer boots up with white screen! Please help!

December 29, 2011 at 14:38:58
Specs: Windows Vista

Computer boots up with white screen! Please help!
I'm 99% sure this is a virus. I was STUPID and accidentally installed something.
Here's the story:
1) I was trying to watch a video, not on youtube.
2) I ended up on "" or something like that. I hadn't read it thoroughly and thought it was MegaVideo.
3) I clicked on play and it opened another window, where it said I needed a plugin.
4) Like an idiot, I clicked on it, of course.
5) It started downloading "xvid," but it OBVIOUSLY wasn't XVid. It also said to install these other add-on things.
6) I REALIZED IT WAS A SCAM. The entire webpage was basically a photo.... Uhg.
7) I opened task manager and closed the installation, which I didn't even know had started.
8) I pretty much knew it already installed some 'stuff' on my computer and went on to Malwarebytes, to do a scan.
9) EXCEPT, Malwarebyes needed an update. So I got the update. Which you need to restart at the end to use it.
10) I clicked 'restart later', and continued using my computer normally for a while. It worked totally fine.
11) After a while I was worried and decided it was time to restart and scan. I closed everything I had open and chose Restart. When I did, though, it said something was still running and prevented it from shutting down. I don't know if that was because of the virus or because I clicked restart twice or something....
12) Anyways, it just shut down and then booted backup.
13) It DID show me the log-in screen. I logged into my account.
14) BUT it never showed ANY of my desktop.
~~~I even waited a while and restarted. I can't run my anti-virus, because it won't let me do anything. I have been trying to find something to help. I saw something about how running in "safe-mode" might let you load your desktop.... I'm sorry, but I don't really know anything about safe-mode. If I use it, would it let me run my anti-virus? What if it doesn't even find any viruses? I saw that problem, too.... I can't get a new computer or spend money on this.
But I REALLY need help. This is so.... depressing! :P
So, pleaseee. How can I solve this? I already had a big virus problem...
THANKS so much.

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December 29, 2011 at 14:50:20
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There is a virus on your computer :(. What it is doing is ending explorer.exe when you boot up your computer, preventing access to your desktop. Safe Mode will let you scan, its entire purpose is to be an emergency solution to a problem like this, so you can access your files and programs to fix the issue. To access Safe Mode:

1. During the BIOS Screen (where the Computer Maker's logo is shown), press F8 repeatedly until a black screen with white text appears.
2. You can then select "Safe Mode" as an option and then your computer will boot into Safe Mode.
3. Try logging in to your regular account. If the desktop still doesn't appear, then repeat these steps, but instead login to the "Administrator Account" (you will need to know that password if you setup one).
4. Once you reach the desktop, you can run your scans.

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December 29, 2011 at 15:17:53

Thanks for the answerrr!
For some reason it let me onto another account on my computer..... It's doing a scan now. I tried to do safe mode (I looked it up) but I don't know if I was pressing F8 at the right time... it wouldn't work.
If the scan doesn't work I will try that again on MY account..
Thanks! That information is useful to me for other times, too..... (: (:

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December 29, 2011 at 15:20:56

You're Welcome!

If you still are having trouble with Safe Mode, here is a guide all about it:

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