Cannot start up

July 2, 2009 at 05:28:15
Specs: Windows XP
OK, I have read numerous posts about specific start up problems, and although some of them seem to mirror the issues I was having it didnt solve my specific problem.

My daughter was on which is a kids website I believe. She was listening to music online then a pop up window opened and it said Security Alert your system is currently not protected, would you like to install Anti virus pro now? She said yes...In there lies the problem, after she did this, tons of porn sites started to sprout up, I tried to close out and run Mcafee, to find out that my license needed to be renewed. So I went onto Mcafees website and updated my license information and downloaded the 2009 version. It took me about 7 attempts to get the AVS to install. At this point when I started to scan the PC for viruses, the computer than started rebooting all on its own. I hit F8 to get into safe mode which worked, I could toggle between Administator and My account to load. I went into both accounts and there was just a blank black screen in Admin, with safe mode in all 4 corners and nothing else, no icons, no start bar, and the only thing I could do was get to task manager. so I did this and restarted and selected safe mode with networking. It booted up to my account windows in safe mode and all my information was there except the Mcafee AVS I installed. So I downloaded it again and it worked. I ran a virus scan but had to leave for work. I told everyone not to touch the information until I got home so I could use this information to fix the problem. The AVS corrected all but 3 errors, that I do not know what they were, because my kids listen so well, and went onto the internet via safe mode. When they did this, all of the pop ups attacked the pc in safe mode, as previously described and now the system is hung up. It just keeps restarting after selecting a choice: What I did to try and fix the problem:

Boot to safe mode using one of the 3 choices, all failed, just keeps rebooting when you log in.

Tried Last known good configuration, and it brings me to the desktop with wallpaper and no icons no start bar and after 5 sec pc restarts again.

Used setup to switch start up drives. The first several times I used this, it selected 0 hdd, only my CDR and my DVD player. I have a copy of XP pro and tried to boot from and repair from the cd, however, when I do this, it goes through the boot sequence then I get a flashing cursor on a totally black screen as if I am at the command prompt, however I cannot type anything, and when I hit a key the computer restarts.

What I think I need to do is replace the BOOT.INI or the MBR, but I do not know how to do this in XP, or if it will even work.

Here are some of the virus files I could recall from my own memory.
Generic.dex!c (not sure if this correct)

I believe these were the 3 files avs couldnt remove. But again I didnt see this I just remember it prior to leaving for work.

If anyone could help that would be great.

Thanks again.


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July 2, 2009 at 11:10:52
from my experance this does look alot like a batch virus attack, but i'm only 14 atm and i've still plenty of languages to come accross

batch is the language the computer uses to run all programs and functions, so as it is used to everything on the computer it can do alot of it in a batch script ran...therefor it can be used to delete things from the hard drive, or it can clean temporary files so it is useful and also benefitial, but in most cases people would rather use it to create such viruses.

batch is unlike java or C+ or C++ because its one that isnt expected to learn by human minds, its only purpose was to run systems and machines such as pc's (Personalised Computers)

you need to boot the system from a fresh xp install disc which you may purchase or borrow as i would think.
then, ...

i reccommend you download ccleaner.exe, a free program known to be one of the best for this matter, it cleans the regestry for such items you decribe, also cleans tmp files....the main reason u need this is the regestry cleanup which takes out any uneccessary files which are often caused via downloading items of the internet as your daughter seems to have done.

for the antivirus, avg free antivirus is probably what you need, download that and ccleaner and run them both as admin on the computer and perform a update for both programs then scan with avg antivirus and clean the regestry with ccleaner.

Best of luck, hope this helps
if you want any additional help i might be able to provide dont hesitate to message/pm me on youtube, i hope you have a youtube account as that is what i am most active on

utube addy is RobJohnB95

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July 2, 2009 at 11:13:43
woops forgot to mention, only use them programs if you cannot launch the computer without installing a new fresh install cd booting, becasue if u boot via cd and install xp again then the virus would have gone anyway...but if u somehow manage to get your computer back in a state to stay on for more than it does at the moment then you should download the 2 applications/programs.

best of luck

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