DECWindows on OpenVMS

January 7, 2005 at 05:58:02
Specs: OpenVMS 7.3-1, AlphaServer ES40

For some time now, I've been trying to figure out how to run DECWindows on our system. I'm quite new to the OpenVMS environment, but have exp. from other OSs. I'm using the command:

SET DIS/CRE/NODE=the-node-that-I-log-in-to

and then:

RUN sys$system:decw$clock

but nothing happens!..

I get a: "Can't open display"

Surfing the net for an answer, I came to realize it might be something with me not authorizing myself or the decnet server to display on my terminal (powerterm)

PLease help a poor dane out

- mark

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January 7, 2005 at 08:17:21

You can initialize the DECwindows host process (the terms server and client are somewhat reversed, if my recollection of X-windows terminology is correct).

Is the node that you are on capable of displaying X-windows requests?

A conventional terminal window on a PC, for example, would not qualify. You would need a X-windows package.

- Bob Gezelter,

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erensm January 7, 2005 at 11:38:09
See the OpenVMS FAQ :

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January 10, 2005 at 01:23:29
In response to Bob's response.

I don't know what you mean with " ...a conventional terminal window on a PC ..."
I'm using powerterm 525 from Ericom software, running a remote desktop connection on our system. I start the powerterm 525 from the remote desktop.

How do I figure out if my node is able to display x-window contents?


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Related Solutions

January 11, 2005 at 23:59:26
Hi again.

I pretty much solved the problem. Bobs response made me think about what really happens when a DECWindows session is initialized.
From a terminal window I can now send a display to my local pc using the command:

$ SET DIS/CRE/NODE="mypc.mydomain.COM"

But this wasn't enough. I downloaded the x windows package "Hummningbird Exceed". With this program I connect to my host once and VOILA!! now I can fire off commands from DECWindows, like:


So, the solution to my problem is that I was not connected with x windows software from MS Windows. Exceed does just that, it makes sure there is a x windows connection.


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May 19, 2008 at 12:22:27
Good Morning,

How do I reset the OPCOM window to appear after I login to the system using DECWindows?

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