SuperCalc 3 Mystery

June 4, 2008 at 11:37:20
Specs: Windows XP, Pentium 4
I'm one of those old fogeys who can't stand change and am still using SC3. I have lots of stuff in that format that I've never converted since I've never found a way to do so - for free. Excel is OK and I use it for some minor things but, as far as I'm concerned SC is still superior although a little dated. But, here's the mystery. I recently moved a bunch of SC3 files from floppies to a Sony 1G flash drive. When I later tried to work with them, most of them opened OK but the two most important ones gave me an error message in the SC field reading "Protected Entry" and locked up. "Protected Entry" is an SC command that allows selected cells from being worked with. You can either "P" or protect a cell or range of cells or "U" unprotect them. It shuldn't have anything to do with opening the file itself. Nothing I've tried enables me to open these files. Would anyone have a clue? Thank you.


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June 4, 2008 at 12:51:46
I assume you mean that you tried to open the files on the flash drive and that is where you had the problem.

I also assume the files on the floppies are still OK.

If that is correct, have you tried...

Opening the files from the floppies and then *saving* them to the flash drive - as opposed to copying them?


Copying the files to your hard drive and opening them from there? If they work, save them to the flash drive.

If those methods don't help, I have used this method to find corrupt cells in Excel files:

When I need to find what is causing the corruption in a worksheet, I'll make copies of the corrupt file and then cut it in, let's say, half, to see if the corruption goes away. If not, I'll cut it in half again, and again, and again until I've narrowed it down to a single cell.

In some cases all I have had to do is re-enter a piece of data or retype a formula in the original file and the corruption has gone away.

Good Luck!

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