Printing out an address book

January 24, 2005 at 14:37:37
Specs: Windows XP Pro, 2.3GHz/256Mb

Excel query
Suppose I have set up an address book in Excel and it looks like this:

A1 : Title
B1 : First
C1: Middle
D1 : Surname
E1 : House No./Name
F1 : Street Name
G1 : Town/City
H1 : Postcode
I1 : Country
J1: Phone Number
K1: Mobile Number
L1 : E-mail Address
M1 : Etc etc.

But I want it to look like this on A4 size paper, in print preview

Row/Column <--I don’t want to print this line
1 A A A
2 C & D C & D C & D
3 E & F E & F E & F
4 G G G
5 H H H

Don’t want to print this column either. I just want to see on the paper the contents of Columns A-H as shown

Thank-you in advance

I don’t know what is easier, to use excel or word, but I want to print out names and addresses, like they were address labels. But I just want to print it out on A4 paper for now.

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January 25, 2005 at 04:03:43

I will answer my own question for anyone who is interested. There is however a minor problem, that i wonder if someone could help me with.
So OK Excel has all the data, so what do we do? address.xls
1. close address.xls
2. start word
3. tools/letter and mailing/mailmerge
4. Document type = directory <click next>
5. Use current document <click next>
6. Use an existing list, click browse
7. Select address.xls
8. Click OK to accept default assumed to be correct
9. Click select all click OK
10 click next
11. Click more items
12. click title, first name, and surname
13. click close
14 press enter (new line)
15. click more items, select house and street click close
16 press enter (new line)
17 continue until the field insertion is complete
18.Click next to preview the mailmerge
19.Click next to complete the mailmerge
20 click To document, put it all in a new document, called directoryx. x is a number

So, its very good, not too bad. One minor problem....
The finished product only uses the half of the paper. i would have ideally liked two people to a part of the page to look like this

|title first surname title first surname |
|house no. street house no. street |
|town town |
|postcode postcode |
|etc etc
|title first surname title first surname |
|house no. street house no. street |
|town town |
|postcode postcode |
| |
|etc etc |
| |

To end of A4 page

Could any one help me with this last little bit?


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