Outlook 2003 Signature Issues

February 15, 2005 at 06:52:54
Specs: Windows XP SP2, 512

Im having a bit of a problem with Outlook and signatures in that i have a HTML signature and all is fine and the person recives and all is ok. When they reply using another mail format (Ritch text i think) it makes my signature all obsure. Anyway i admitted defeat and created a boring signature using Ritch text but now when i email some people my signature comes back spaced and lacking the colour it has in it. my question is how can i stop this and keep my signature the same no matter who replies and in what format.

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February 15, 2005 at 09:47:29
You can't control how the signature is formatted, as that's determined by the method in which the reply is sent. Unless, you make it a Plain text Signature...that's about all you can do.

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January 3, 2006 at 08:33:10
I don't know if you are still looking for it, but after some thorough googling I found this:

You have to use advance edit - this is the missing key!

What you should is:

1) Delete existing signature (I copy pasted mine to notepad before deleting)

2) In Notepad I deleted all the spaces and breaks so it looked like this: Iamdeletingeverythinginbetween

3) Click New then give it a name with the "blank signature" option

4) Once created click the "Advanced Edit" option. This will open M$ Word to make it.

5) Copy paste that string into Word and this time use normal spaces and for breaks use the shift+return for a soft carriage return. So it will look like this: I am now (shift+return) writing a 2 line signature!!

6)Save the signature, DONT CLOSE Word yet!

7) Click on OK on the options tab in Outlook

8) Make sure you you have the signature appearing for your correct server.

9) Click Apply then totally exit outlook.

10) Close Word.

11) Start Outlook and you now have a signature that won't break when people send you "plain text" emails :)



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