Lost Product Key Word 2000

Dell Dimension 4300
June 9, 2008 at 17:04:21
Specs: Win ME and Win XP, Dell Intel Pentium 4
I had uninstalled Microsoft Word 2000 and other programs contained in the Microsoft Works Suite on my desktop computer that has Windows ME. Now I tried to reinstall them, mainly because I want the newer Microsoft Word on my laptop/Win XP to match the Microsoft Word version on my desktop computer so I won't have to try to get some sort of conversion program so the laptop can read programs I did on the desktop computer. But I need the product key for Microsoft Word and have lost it. Microsoft wouldn't give it to me because they no longer support Win ME and referred me to Dell, who said they couldn't help. I had looked in the Registry but the key isn't listed under Microsoft Word. Any programs on the net I've found (for free download) do not find lost product keys for that particular program, seem to only find it for more recent programs. Anyone out there know the answer to this problem?

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June 9, 2008 at 17:39:53
I'm a little confused. You uninstalled the software then attempted to install on the laptop so the two would be compatible? Then, why uninstall the software on the desktop? What newer version are you referring to?

Keyfinders will only find keys for software that's installed, so if you installed a keyfinder software on the desktop after you uninstalled Word, then the key will not be found.

Or maybe I'm completely misunderstanding your question.

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June 9, 2008 at 17:51:01
You can try Magical Jelly Bean key finder or Belarc advisor. Both will show keys for that software. However, chances are, the key information has been removed when you uninstall the product. If that is the case, you will need to either find the key or buy a new one (which means buying the software again).

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June 10, 2008 at 13:14:53
If I am reading the thread properly then I am understanding that MS Works came installed on your Dell PC and would be an OEM license.

If true then you cannot install it on another PC regardless of the Product key.

It is likely on the Dell Restore CD but you would be limited to installing it on the Dell with WinME on it.

Otherwise, I know of no other programs that can get it for you.


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June 12, 2008 at 17:56:31
Here's more details on my problem ...I'm going to try calling Dell again and ask them to give me the key. They are supposedly supposed to do that for anyone who lost the key, without charging a fee for it. Microsoft might have done it for me, but they have a certain process they follow for doing this over the phone, and when they came to the part where they wanted me to look something up on my computer, I told them this is Windows ME, and he said, oh, then I can't help you find the key because you have Windows ME and Microsoft no longer supports ME. I think this is a bit weird, though, since I wasn't asking questions about ME but about Works and Word.

Anyway, to answer Jennifer's question and clarify for others, I uninstalled Word and Works a couple of years ago because Word seemed to become corrupted and buggy and I wasn't using the other Works bundled programs at all. I've used Word Pad since then. But since I recently got the laptop, I wanted to be able to transfer files from the desktop computer to the laptop. The desktop computer has no writeable CD drive to burn CDs, and the laptop has no floppy drive. So, I transferred all of my files using an online backup service, but it was a hassle because I had to unzip files and then do a save as to convert each file from Word Pad to the Word program (office 2000) on the laptop. I began to dislike the online backup service because their help feature never works and there is no way to email them, and I'm a bit concerned that they may be reading my files as they can easily access them. So I'm looking for another way to be able to transfer files between the computers without having to spend money on external drives. I tried sending some files to the laptop using email attachments, but sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't, and I decided this must have something to do with difficulty in file conversions between the Word Pad created documents (on the desktop computer) and the Microsoft Word program (Office 2000) on the laptop, but I don't see why it worked via the backup service and didn't work via downloading of email attachments. I sent the file attachments from Outlook Express on the desktop computer to Gmail which I'm using for the laptop computer. This didn't work (I couldn't download the file onto the laptop from Gmail, and in viewing the attachment in Gmail, the formatting gets partially taken out of the document), so, I thought maybe if I reinstalled Word (part of Works pkg) on the desktop computer and tried emailing the documents again with Word attachments instead of Word Pad attachment files, it might work and be able to download with all the original file formatting on the laptop computer.

Microsoft's web site does say you may be able to find the key listed in the Registry even if you've already uninstalled the program and gives instructions how to find it, but I tried it and couldn't find the key listed. I could only find the Product ID for Microsoft Works, no keys for Works or for Word. Key finder programs all seem to only find keys for later versions of Word or Works. I have CDs for Works 2001, containing Word 2000 in that package, pretty old programs now.

So, I'll try calling Dell again, maybe try another online backup service if that's the only way to do it if emails won't work. I'm trying to avoid spending money on external drives, new software, tech help, et al. I may just have to live with not being able to transfer files between the two computers. It's not really that crucial to be able to do it, I just thought it'd be nice to have the same documents on both computers. If anyone has any clues as to why the email attachments idea didn't work, let me know. Thanks to all.

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June 13, 2008 at 16:18:16
Consider using Open Office. It is free and documents can be made compatible with Word.

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June 19, 2008 at 18:46:18
Some notes about what I've figured out: Still don't know why I couldn't download files from Gmail....but forget that for awhile...and forget for awhile trying to get a new product key, too much hassle....I just went back to using the online backup service to transfer files between the two computers and it worked okay...but because I did the documents in Word Pad, it won't open those documents on the new laptop computer unless I do "Open With" with a right click of the mouse and choose Microsoft Word for Windows. Then, after editing and or printing the file, when I go to save the file, it asks me do I want to convert the file to Word for Windows and I click Yes. I didn't have to use "open with" when I did the transfers before, so maybe the backup service has changed how it does things. Anyway, it works for transferring files.

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