link 2 copies of excel on 2 machine

April 18, 2009 at 00:57:40
Specs: Windows XP/vista, 1.8ghz/2g ram
Question: I got real-time data streaming into one copy of Excel(say cell R1C1) on XP and try to distribute the same information to another Excel workbook on a networked Vista machine without delay. It used to be easily done by using NDDE function between 2 XP machines.But the function is not supported under Vista. Any solutions?
To share the workbook is not viable as one workbook has continuous data coming in and you
need to save the workbook before another user
can see the update. Is it possible to write a script
to copy the real-time data while the changes occurs
to the second machine? Thank you for your help.

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April 18, 2009 at 08:26:28
This may be a silly question, but if the machines are networked, why can't you stream the data from the source into both workbooks at the same time?

I suppose some VBA code could be written using the Worksheet_Change event, but I don't think it could run "constantly" as the real-time data is streaming in. Perhaps it could run when the final piece of data hits a specific cell or something like that.

We'd need some more details before we could take it to the next step.

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April 19, 2009 at 01:47:29
Thank you for replying.

The second machine doesn't have access to the source which is on the internet due to firewall configuration.
What I 'm trying to do here is to have the results of A1:C1 of workbookA(Machine#1) to appear in the same cells of workbookB(machine#2) .I suspect it is not possible to have real-time link without using NDDE, so what I'm after is to have at least snapshots of the data every few seconds. The solution I could think of is to have the 1st copy of Excel saves every few seconds to a network drive and then have #2 to access that file once per second. But the problem of this "solution" is that I'm forcing Excel to save so often that it creats a lot of disk activities to the extent of slowing Machine#1.

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