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June 11, 2009 at 09:22:00
Specs: Windows Vista
I need some advice.

My company have one email where clients sends queries/questions, in one day that email address receives about ~40 letters. Till today we have been using MS outlook in very simply way: all received letters was pointed to one MS Outlook Public folder and consultants was picking the letters and just replying them using specified (same as client sends email to) account, all the answered/sent mails was moved (automatically, by created rule in MS outlook) back to other public folder where we are holding all answers. This is really simply doesn't it ? :)
But I got demand. From now it's need to calculate the time - How much time took to answer the email. Cause we are working only in working hours 8-17, we got deadline which is fife working hours to answer the email. For example in the end of the month i will be asked to make an report - how much letters was answered in more than 5 working hours. So is there any chances to do it with ms outlook or with special addons on it ? if you think no (as I'm), which program you would recommend for me to use instead ms outlook, or maybe you can give some wise advice..


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June 11, 2009 at 09:46:16
If the replies being sent have the text of the original message in them, you could look for the date and timestamp in the body of the reply e-mail (which would be when the original question was received) and also get the date/time of the reply email itself (which would be when the answer was sent). Some basic math and you can find the difference between the two. I'm sure you can create a script/macro to do this for you automatically at the end of the month if it works.

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June 11, 2009 at 12:14:08
Look into Outlook's Journaling feature. We use this at my office to track...well, exactly what you're describing. Using the journal, you can keep a record of email that is sent to or from any address(es), including how much time was spent on each email. And it's part of Outlook, no add-ins or third-party software required.

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