XP Routing issue

November 12, 2009 at 15:33:00
Specs: Windows XP Pro, P4
I have a xp server on a lan with a router and cble modem connected. IP seg = 10.1.10.x

I have a pc across the street connected to the internet via wireless dsl. IP seg = 192.168.0.x
It has a resource I want to access on the network the server is attached to.

So I put a wireless nic in the server to dual home it giving a fixed ip of with no default gateway and connected it to the wireless network across the street.

From the server console I can ping and net use the resource I desire across the street.

I enabled IP routing in the registery and restarted the server.

ip config /all says ip irouting is on.

I went to a workstation on the server's segment and added the route:

route add mask

NO Go!

I cannot ping the pc across the street from the workstation that I can from the server box as though
packets are not being forwarded.

Route print looks great. I see the route to the 192 network just as it should be. I think my xp SP2 router is not routing.

Does anyone see where I may have messed up?



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November 13, 2009 at 05:19:59
I enabled IP routing in the registery and restarted the server.

Unnecessary if your 'server' is connected to that network via a wireless NIC and has an IP in the same subnet as that network. Effectively, you are in that subnet, ergo no routing is needed.

Are you sure the resource you wish to access has been shared?

You wouldn't happen to be trying to hack someone elses network would you? This smacks of just such activity.

If I were you, and you have permission from the owner of the other network to access resources on his network, I would get on the phone with him and have a look at this together. It could very well be whatever computer you're trying to access is running a personal firewall that is blocking you.

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