winXP, Linksys ip assigning problem

March 20, 2009 at 15:09:16
Specs: Windows XP, 512mb
Last night I set up two computers on a wireless network at my home. The router is a Linksys, Firmware Version: v1.02.0. Unfortunately, it's located in my landlord's apartment downstairs but I can log into it and make changes.

Anyway, one of the computers is running a web server and ftp server and I set it up to always use for obvious reasons.

About an hour ago I set up a file sharing through XP's network setup wizard. That seemed to work fine, however I immediately could no longer connect to my servers on So I logged into the router and am seeing that it's being assigned two IP addresses now which are changing everytime I reboot the machine (they're always right next to each other though, like 109 & 110 or 107 & 108). Even if it gets assigned 104 & 105, i still can't connect. The other computer seems to only be assigned one IP.

Please help! I need to get my servers back online!
Thanks in advance.


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March 20, 2009 at 16:09:08
Did you note the web/ftp servers mac address and then input that into the router dhcp server as a ip reservation? The workstation is set to be a dhcp client?

Or did you change the dhcp ip scope on the router to not include x.x.x.105 and then set the workstation to that ip as a static assignment?

Or did you not do either of those????

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March 21, 2009 at 11:05:33
hi wanderer, thanks for the quick response!
on the web/ftp server computer, i went to
- Wireless Network Connection Properties
- scrolled down to Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
- and clicked Properties
from there i entered in the IP address
the subnet mask, default gateway and DNS

this was working fine for months. it just suddenly stopped when i used XP's Network Setup Wizard (even though my settings are still there in the TCP/IP Properties window!)

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March 21, 2009 at 12:05:04
also, this is all the info the router offers for DHCP configuration:

DHCP Server: Enable Disable
Starting IP Address: 192.168.1.
Maximum Number of DHCP Users:
Client Lease Time: minutes (0 means one day)
Static DNS 1: . . .
Static DNS 2: . . .
Static DNS 3: . . .

so i'm not sure where I can set either a static IP or mac address configuration. ??

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