Switch to router connection!?

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November 23, 2009 at 21:15:36
Specs: Windows XP
Hi Guys;

I need your help,

I have a network here which have 4 computers connected & one network printer. They all operate perfectly through a normal switch "Netgear" (Which I call a hub) that doesn't have any uplink port in it.
The other day I connected with the Internet & wanted to make all my PCs on the network works on the internet. So, the ISP provided me with a router that has only 4 ports & wireless. I configured one PC to connect to it through wireless & the internet works normally BUT
How can I make the rest of the PCs in the network to connect to the internet?
Some suggest connecting the router to the switch through uplink but I don’t have that port on any of the devices that have uplink!
Some suggested using a cross over cable & connect the router to the switch!
The network is using 169.##.##.## class B IP & all configured manually "Statics" But the router comes with class A IP 10.1.1.##.
So, I was thinking of disable the DHCP from the router & occupy all the 4 ports in the router & connect the switch to the router. Do you think that will work? Or do I need to connect using croX over cable? Do I need to configure specific IP address or play with the internet option setting by the LAN settings through configuration scripts through one computer only connected to the internet & the rest connect through it?

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November 24, 2009 at 03:41:38
The switch probably doesn't need a dedicated "Uplink" port. It will automatically configure any port as the uplink once you connect it to one of the router LAN ports.
Since the rule of thumb is to connect like devices with a crossover cable, and switch & router are "like" devices the advice to use a crossover cable between them may be appropriate. It may also be unnecessary since many routers & switches have auto sensing, self adjusting ports that would allow you to use a patch cable if that's all you have available.

A power reset of each device is required when you plug in the cable as the auto sensing & self adjustment only occurs on startup.

In my own small network (6 PCs) the router is configured to provide DHCP and each client system is configured to "Obtain IP automatically"

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