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September 17, 2009 at 23:26:11
Specs: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, 2.31 GHz / 3070 MB

All right. Well ive got no idea were to begin. Nor am i certain that i have this posted in the right place.

I managed to gain an old comp from one of my mates. Im willing to spend some cash upgrading it a little. Its a pentium III 650mhz(i think) with (I think)512mb ram and a graphics card ive failed to test as of yet. It has a 40gb IDE hard drive, a 20x cd drive ( i think) and a fax modem that im not entirely sure on. I also have a few old IDE drives im willing to use for it. Not sure on its moby or anything else really, I am aware that i would also need to purchase a LAN card and stuff. But im more interested in the best windows based vb6 compatiple OS i could run on it if i wished to use it as a base for all my network server applications (Which use WinSock and stuff; i wrote most myself, they are just for local and external port chatting and stuff mostly) the best AV i can use for a server. I would also need to be able to use a remote desktop. I have (Legal) copies of Windows 2003, windows XP sp2, windows 2000 SP4, windows vista home premium, windows ME, windows 98SE, windows 95, windows 3.1 and dos 6.22 so id prefer to use one of them rather than purchasing one. Ofcourse i could just use a linux os but im pretty sure that none of them can handle VB6? It would also need to handle an open source FTP client (such as file-zilla) and an open source http client too. I would also like to know which is the simplest of these to use; preferably with a GUI as i cant be bothered messing with good-old dos crap; even though i have an extensive knowledge of batch.

Thanks ahead for your help; if you can help me.

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September 18, 2009 at 00:12:49

Pretty much all of those (Windows) OS will work, and for your purposes will probably all work just as well. If it was me, I would go with XP because it would be simple to set up for the limited things you want to do. Plus, you will be able to install free AV programs (which won't install on Server 2003).

-Ryan Adams

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September 18, 2009 at 00:29:02

Thanks man. I guessed someone would suggest XP lmao. Seems to be the trend.. But at the same time my favorite OS for its compatibility. Anyways. Whenever i try to load the XP disc the computer "Pauses" my guess is something is overheating -- the only time i can get it to load any OS (inc Ubuntu which doesnt pass the loading screen) is DOS and the 98 installer seems to work. I used fdisk and formatted successfuly. However if i do not input into the computer for a while it freezes and i have to switch it off at the power-source as the on/off button stops working also. But i successfuly formatted as a 37gb hard-drive and then loaded the 98 installer (as XP froze when it tried to go past the extra-driver check thing at the start) i get to 5% of formatting the hard-drive for 98 and it freezes and once again i have no choice to unplug. After about 30 fails of using fdisk again without it crashing (Impatient -- i kept walking away) i managed to change to a 3gb partition and try and reformat. It gets to 68% and repeats the freeze thing. I try with one of my other IDE's and it still manages to freeze. My first guess was that there is something wrong with the video card which would explain why it loads DOS so well. But then i remembered in the past i had had problems with the BIOS also.. Has anyone got any suggestions other than throw the **** heap out?

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September 18, 2009 at 08:30:49

Update the BIOS, removing everything that isn't necessary for the computer to run (such as add on network cards, etc.). Then try installing.

-Ryan Adams

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September 18, 2009 at 08:35:52

Thanks mate. Ill give it a shot in the morning. I cant find the bios anywere on the net; i had a look for it but i might install free-dos or something and just get it running that and see if it crashes out. I never thought of removing add-on cards before so thanks for that. Ill update my POS tomorrow. Thanks for the ideas.

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September 18, 2009 at 23:15:42

Ok. So i uninstalled the cards but once again i return to my relentless hunt for the right BIOS upgrade. Information taken directly from the bios menu states::

Model Number--------217271B
Serial Number--------AAD304B
BIOS Version---------6M2EN5M
BIOS Date-------------06/30/99

Im guessing the date on that probably isnt a good thing for me. More direct stats taken directly from the BIOS::

Processor------------------------Pentium III
Processor Speed--------------650MHz
L2 Cache-------------------------512kb Enabled
Floppy-----------------------------3.5" 1.44meg
Total Memory-------------------128mb
Video Controller----------------S3 Incorporated. Savage4

Therefore; its tonnes worse than i realized. I don't even have appropriate RAM for it which sucks too. Any ideas as to where i could find the BIOS?

V66M BIOS U26 V3 2R05 M0
Still no luck.. just forgot to add that.

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