Routing between two subnets

August 17, 2006 at 16:32:08
Your static routes are really confusing...

1.) for the Linksys...I took the liberty of reviewing your user guide (don't use Linksys myself...hate Cisco...LOL). According to your user guide you are to input your IP address (provided by your Service Provider) put in's not a host IP address that's a network address, then you're supposed to put in the put in'm okay with that (though that is a Class C subnet and is generally a Class A subnet but you can keep it a Class C subnet as long as you're consistent). Finally you are to put in the gateway, you put in, your own IP address (meaning you're routing back to your self...not a good ideal)...even if the settings are in reverse and say that the is your IP address, and is your subnet...there is still NO WAY you could use as a Gateway...that's a network.

2.) For your Draytek your using both a static route and DHCP..that seems a little squirreley...DHCP should already provide you with an IP address , subnet, and shouldn't have to turn around and static it. That would mean every time DHCP changes your IP addressing you have to manually go in and change the static addressing....And again you put in a Network Address and not a host IP address (host IP address NEVER end in 0).

Finally how do you have the configuration setting in the computer attached to subnet B?'s just as important as how you have the routers configured.


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August 17, 2006 at 17:01:15
Routing between subnets:-

i have two routers at home.Below mentioned is what i tried, i am unable to
ping or reach the other subnet router.A straight lan cable is going from
Linksys Lan port to Draytek Wan port.

Subnet A
Linksys wrt54g wirelessG router(Connected to cable internet)

Lan ip -
Mask -
Static route -
Lan Dhcp enabled.

Subnet B
Draytek vigor 22oov/vg vpn voip router

Lan ip -
Mask -

Wan ip - (Received Dchp from Subnet A)
Mask -
Gw -
Dns - (Internet dns ip)

Static route -
Lan dhcp enabled.

Computer attached here cannot ping Subent A router nor have internet.

Please let me know where i am going wrong in routing.

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August 19, 2006 at 09:58:16
First, static routing with Linksys routers has always been a little flakey. Typically the web-interface asks for three or four entries.

1. The destination network address
2. The subnet mask for that network
3. The IP address of the routing device for that network
4. The number of hops, metric, or in the case of Linksys, whether or not to use LAN or WAN interfaces for the destination of the network

Your first problem is that you are trying to route through NAT. You have a cable going from a LAN port on the Linksys to the WAN port on the Draytek. Therefore, the Draytek is getting an IP address from your DHCP scope in your Linksys ( Any PC's connected to the LAN ports of your Draytek are going through double-NAT. This means that any PC connected to the LAN ports of your Draytek are getting an IP address on the network, and NAT-ing to the WAN Port IP, Then it is being NAT-ed a second time out the WAN interface of the Linksys (if going to the Internet). In theory this should work, but its not a good idea.

Since you are doing double-NAT, its going to be impossible to route a packet through the NAT of the Linksys LAN port to the Draytek.

You want to connect the two routers together using a single LAN port on each of the routers.

In the Linksys, try this configuration.

Destination network:
Destination Mask:
Gateway Address:
Interface: LAN

In the Draytek, try this configuration.

Destination network:
Destination Mask:
Destination Gateway:
Interface (if avail): LAN

When you seperate your networks logically, make sure they have the following IP schemes:

For computers designated on the Linksys LAN:

IP: 192.168.1.x

For computers designated on the Draytek LAN:

IP: 10.0.0.x

Try that as well as some ping tests and let me know the results.

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