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Sonicwall Tz210 ntwk secur appl
October 29, 2009 at 10:35:08
Specs: Server 2003
Need help configuring a new router. This router will sit just inside the ISP router. It's a Sonicwall TZ 210. The primary purpose is to do content filtering.

The current external IP address of the ISP router is I would like this IP address to say the same, so that I don't have to change other external configurations, such as connecting with PC Anywhere.

The current gateway IP address of the ISP router is for the internal network.

I would like the gateway IP address to stay the same, so that I don't have to change any internal configuration.

The DHCP server is the Windows 2003 server with an IP of This is also the DNS server.

The finaly issue is that there is about 32 ports current being forwarded by the ISP router, and I need this same forwarding to work after the new router is in place.

So as I understand it, this is what I need to do:

0. Have the ISP change the External IP address of the their router to something different such as

1. Set the external (WAN) IP address of the Sonicwall to

2. Set the internal (LAN) IP address of the Sonicwall to so it will be the gateway on the LAN.

3. Duplicate the current port forwarding on the ISP router on the Sonicwall.

4. Remove the port forwarding on the ISP router.

5. Connect the network work up and all should work as before, except that all internet traffic will be going through the Sonicwall before going out.

One more thing, my ISP told me a crossover cable was necessary to connect the two routers together. I thought a crossover was no longer necessary.

Thanks very much.


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October 29, 2009 at 11:05:51
You really need to bring in a consultant.

You can't put the same wan ip subnet on the sonic as the isp router. Can't route.
You don't undo the forwarding on the isp router or it would never make it to the sonicwall.

No point in going on.
Sonicwall was meant to replace the isp router.

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October 29, 2009 at 11:34:11

Do you do consulting? Would be happy to pay you to help me out with this.

On the ISP router, maybe I have misstated something. It's a T1 Endpoint and is currently acting as our router. There is no way to remove this from the line.

I just spoke with our ISP, and he says that he cannot change their IP of But they can assign an IP of with a subnet mask of for the Sonicwall. Thus it will be on a different subnet.

So I will have to change our external configuration to work with the new IP address.

Then it should work.

(I am a software guy, not a hardware guy, but I get pressed into it sometimes out of necessity.)


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