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December 15, 2012 at 20:11:11
Specs: Windows 764 bit, Core i7/8gb

A friend of mine wanted me to setup her small network at her business(1 tower, 1 laptop and 1 netbook). They purchased a Linksys e1200 router and I helped them set that up with the 3 pc's. Now they have a credit card machine that connects to a Belkin router. Sorry I don't have the model number of the router and I don't have the model number of the credit card machine. Some pc tech(friend) of theirs purchased and then connected the Belkin router to the credit card machine and from what I under stand from them, didn't set up anything on the router for the CCM. He just plugged it in and left. I am not familiar with connecting credit card machines to routers and setting up anything on the router(ip address, security, etc.). What I want to know, as they do, is there anything else to set up for credit card machine. Should the credit card machine be set up on one router by itself, does the business that provides service for the credit card machine need to be aware of the router and then maybe some security issues installed and does the credit card machine requirement be to be installed on it's own router. I can't really find any definitive information concerning this subject(okay, I only did 2 searches). I want to say to them, call your tech and ask him but they have been having a hard time getting him to reply to their calls messages. I have made it a habit over the years to not step on any pc tech 'toes' in situations like this. All replies are greatly appreciated and respected.


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December 15, 2012 at 20:37:27

You should not need to configure anything on the router as it will be the credit card machine initiating all translations.

As far as routers are concerned, that is an important concept to understand. What that means is the the credit card company will not be able to access the credit card machine unless it firsts initiates the transaction. Network Address Translation within the router will prevent it.

However, there may be a requirement for the Credit Card Company to be able to access the machine for administrative purposes, in which case you will need to set up port forwarding.

You should need to do is to ensure that the credit card machine is on the same sub-net as the router, otherwise it will not be able to contact anything. This can either be done via DHCP if the machine can act as a DHCP client or you may have to configure it manually,

The best thing to do is to read the instructions that comes with the machine, that should tell you everything you need to know If you don't understand IP addressing, DHCP and NAT you would probably be better getting someone who dose.


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December 16, 2012 at 10:11:43
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There is no need for the belkin additional router. The tech should have connected it directly to the existing modem.

Call the credit card tech support and get their advice as to the proper physical setup and configuration.

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December 16, 2012 at 16:04:40

Sheeeeshhhhh! Thanks so much for the prompt replies. You guys are the cats! I will pass on this information and then provide any help possible after that. Death...Taxes...and Computing.Net!


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December 18, 2012 at 02:15:03

To the best understanding I have over this issue, I would say there is no need for second Router. For the Credit card machine the usually make use of SIM card to link up and the configuration is usually done by the Credit card company/CCM support team unless they think of future issue/setup then they would call for client in-house technical team for training.


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December 18, 2012 at 16:20:48

Thanks to all for the replies. The institution that provides the credit card machine said that they wanted to use the router because it would give them a faster connection. It is not my business and I don't really care as to the why, except to help them in this situation. Problem solved. Thanks.


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