PS3 messing up my internet(i think)

May 24, 2009 at 11:46:16
Specs: Windows XP
I have a lot of stuff using internet off my WRT54GS router. I have generally 2 computer LANed in to the router. I have another router (belkin) attached by a long cable that connects to my ps3, xbox360, and another computer. I also have a 3 wireless computers hooked up and sometimes a psp and iTouch. In general atleast 3 of the things hooked up are in use at almost all times. I also have 2 media servers running off one computer (tversity and ps3 media center).My internet is static IP on PPoE from bellsouth(At&t).

My network was working fine up till last week when i hooked my ps3 to the internet again(we had it working before, but had to get the system replaced). Now my when i turn on my ps3 it signs into PSN then 1 min later i get an error message and my houses internet dyes and i need to reset it. I since took my ps3 off the network, but every hour the internet cuts out or goes horrribly slow and i need to reset the power again. What do you think is wrong with my network? also what improvements on should i do? Are there things i need to buy to fix the problem?

Thank you!
(heres a diagram of my network just to make it easier to visualize)

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May 24, 2009 at 16:36:48
I just looked at your network diagram. When you say you have a PPPOE connection I'm assuming you mean you have a DSL connection. With everything you have eating at your bandwidth, I would really suggest that you get a cable modem if it's available. However, back to your question. You said you had no problems before you took off your PS3 to have it replaced. It would seem that something in your PS3 settings was not the same when you reconnected with the new system. I would have isolated the PS3 and made sure all the settings were the same as before, before putting it back online. I would contact belkin tech support to help you troubleshoot the issue since the PS3 is linked into their router. Hopefully their Tech Support is as good as Linksys' is. If Belkin can't help you, dump their router and get another Linksys and get on the phone to them.

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