need a new router, best one for 100

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llmercll January 25, 2009 at 07:10:30
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OK, I've been using a linksys wrt54g for about a year now and CAN NOT TAKE IT ANYMORE. I flashed it with dd-wrt, but it just simply sucks.

If you don't want to read all my specifics just recommend to me a stable router that can torrent and network, SIMULTANEOUSLY for around $100. otherwise read below please.

I have moderate to minor experience with routers and networking, and can't take it anymore so i need recommendations on a GOOD router.

I am willing to spend around $100

heres what my router does

- disconnects me when transferring files wirelessly. its completely random of course, making the problem hard to pinpoint.

- disconnects when streaming videos from my desktop on my laptop (which was the final straw)

- completely destroys my internet connection when torrenting. sometimes pages load improperly, sometimes with missing images. it seems to create its own custom suck webpages.

what I need is a router that can handle this with ease, like most routers should.

Unless everyone here recommends a certian linksys router i WILL NOT BUY FROM THEM AGAIN. I've ahd two routers from them in 3 years and must say they are terrible. I mean they allow wireless and pretty ok web browsing, but the other features are gimped.

Before I go and buy another terrible router, I need some advice on what the best router is right now for 100 bucks.

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January 25, 2009 at 08:48:35
I suspect that the problems you are experiencing have little or nothing to do with the router and regardless of which router you buy, you are going to get the same problems.

Item one. Is this a wireless disconnection or disconnection from the Internet. Wireless is prone to unexpected disconnection, especially if you live in an electronicly noisey environment. Explore that avenue first.

Item two. Transferring files between two computers on a LAN is such a simple matter that if it disconnects it is unlikely to be the router. More likely a faulty cable somewhere.

Item three. You browser stalls when downloading torrents. That is going to happen all the time as torrents can chew up bandwidth as if there is no to-morrow. So much so that some ISP will disconnect you of you are taking up to much bandwidth. What is you Internet connection speed? That is likely to be the most critical factor in all of it and no router is going to improve that.


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January 25, 2009 at 09:23:52
it disconnects from the wireless completely. internet, files, etc. the host computer stays online though.

it transfers files when hooked up non wireless just fine.

i know how to torrent and limit my uplaod and download speed. it just cannot manage the connections so i always need to play with them. ive got a solid cable connection

im stuck between these two, any advice on which one to pick?

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