My internet keeps disconnecting

June 6, 2007 at 05:28:29
Specs: WinXP, 1024

I have a very annoying problem which is very persistant.

The Problem.
When i internet at home, after 10-xx minutes my internetconnection says bye bye. Tho once it started programs like mIRC keep thier connection untill they are disconnected and cant reconnect.

More information:
To solve the problem i have to reboot entirely en it work properly untill it disconnects again.
Also ive installed winxp again, so running on a fresh installation BUT the problem stayed. No firewall, just a simple virus scanner that only scans.
I can also stil lping the isa server and the router.

Network information:
Ok its at home there are 2 pc's connected to a ISA server once ive been disconnected the other pc still has internet working just fine and its win200 on th at one.
The ISA server has no log entry what so ever, not even "disconnected due to to many connects".
It all is connected to a adsl router where the firewall is turned off.
The adsl light just keep blinking as normal when my pc disconnect for no apparent reason.

What have i tryed:
Ok ive tryed a new cable, a new position in the network, there are no Idle timers running what so ever that i can find.
Ive set my windows connection limit to 1, 20, 99, and 1024 (its default is 10)
Ive played with the Full/half duplex mode of my networkcard.
Ive set sercurity setting from full to mininum.

Anyways, everything i tryed also include things i found here on this site or googled.
But nothing worked and i still have to reboot at very random times.

i hope someone is able to help me.

Greeting from
Wouter Sander
(The nederlands.)

no place like home

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June 6, 2007 at 14:58:37
Chances are your ISP is having network problems. First go to the router's configuration screen and find out its gateway IP address; that's the IP Address your ISP assigns the modem to connect through. Go to the command prompt and ping that address, see if you can connect. Run a traceroute to a known website and see where the trace dies. Contact your ISP and complain.

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June 8, 2007 at 01:00:37
Thats not the problem, the other pc's on the network are working find, and keep working fine, its only my pc that cuts the connection.

no place like home

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