Modem Problems(virus?)

June 23, 2008 at 14:00:32
Specs: XP, 1gb
Hello there!

ok ill try and explain this as best i can to avoid reiteration.
Before i go any further i THINK my problem may be a virus as the evidence suggests so.

I use tiscali broadband here in the Uk with a PPP Modem which you dial up and it connects to broadband, but recently iv been getting disconnected for no reason and another dial up screen comes up but its not my usual user name or password instead the passoword is INTERNETACESS and its a strange number i have never seen before and in my settings where i can choose my modem etc in the "connect to" part theres now another modem there and its highlighted, so obviously something is changing my settings to this other phantom modem and it isnt me.

Also recently loads of other problems such as Internet explorer randomly opening pages until i tell it not to, EXPLORER.EXE errors on start up which make me unable to see any of my desktop, my windows update has been switched from automatic to off and randomly my start bar will just dissapear.

All of that led me to beleive it was a simple virus but iv scanned and scanned and used adaware and everything and nothing seems to fix it, also tried system restore to no avail.

Feels like the computers falling apart and i have no idea whats causing it.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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June 23, 2008 at 14:27:08
>> which you dial up and it connects to broadband <<

It either dial up or broadband, but not both. PPP stands for Point to Point Protocol which is the protocol used with dial up. Broadband over a telephone lines uses either PPPoverEthernet or PPPoverATM and broadband doesn't have a number to dial.

So it would appear that you are on dial up and you have been hit by a virus. A type of virus that was common before broadband came along. It hi-jacks your modem and then dials another number, usually a premium rate number and you don't know about it till you get your next 'phone bill. Broadband modems are immune from this type of virus because of the different way they work.

If your go into Internet Properties > Connections from Control Panel you will see your dial up connections. Delete anything you think shouldn't be there then run a decent virus scanner to stop it from coming back.


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June 23, 2008 at 15:04:01
Ok maybe i didnt explain that properly, i have a modem that connects to my pc using a USB i have a dial up type screen that i have to hit "connect" on and it dials then connects, it is broadband but needs to sort of go through a dial up screen, theres no dial tone or anything though.

I tried virus scanning but my computer cant find anything.

Like i said when right click> properties on my usual connection along with my normal PPP connection it says theres this other modem which doesnt actually exsist.


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June 23, 2008 at 15:36:19
I have seen similar setups in the US where you dialup [dsl] to confirm account/password then the broadband works. Otherwise it doesn't.

Sometimes Windows, in trying to be helpful, thinks you have new hardware and adds it. Used to happen all the time with dialup modems.

Delete the other modem would be the first step. Second step, if it comes back, is to call your isp and ask them what is going on.

Virus's don't add hardware. FYI

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