Internet connection varies wildly. Need help.

September 27, 2009 at 08:36:00
Specs: Windows Vista
Hi all, I need some help with a recent problem I have encountered whilst using the Internet in any manner (Browsing, downloading, using Xbox Live).

Here's some information on my setup:
ISP: Utility Warehouse (UK based)
Expected Speeds: up to 8000KBPS approx download
Router: Netgear DG834Gv4 (built in Modem)
Devices on network: 3 Laptops (all connected via Wireless), 1 Desktop (Wired), 1 Xbox 360 (Wired + assigned to DMZ)

[U]Prior information[/U]
I joined my current ISP 5 months ago and experienced smooth internet usage throughout the day with download speeds generally between 6000KBPS and 8000KBPS and low Ping time.

2 months ago my internet speed was capped by my ISP due to their fair usage policy and so speed dropped as expected. However since the cap has been removed I have been experiencing a problem with my connection.

[U]The Problem[/U]
My connection has varied wildly throughout the day everyday for the past month. I have performed various speed tests etc which put my download speeds anywhere between 100KBPS and 8000KBPS and the Ping seems to vary between 40ms and 150ms. Here are a few results of speedtests I performed throughout a day last week using [URL=""][/URL].

Test 1 Results:

Test 1: 6079 KBPS
Test 2: 7146 KBPS
Test 3: 6955 KBPS
Test 4: 7139 KBPS
Test 5: 6843 KBPS

Test 2 Results:

Test 1: 6458 KBPS
Test 2: 5699 KBPS
Test 3: 4987 KBPS
Test 4: 5701 KBPS
Test 5: 6001 KBPS

Test 3 Results:

Test 1: 1126 KBPS
Test 2: 1057 KBPS
Test 3: 704 KBPS
Test 4: 930 KBPS
Test 5: 919 KBPS

Test 4 Results:

Test 1: 841 KBPS
Test 2: 852 KBPS
Test 3: 577 KBPS
Test 4: 710 KBPS
Test 5: 759 KBPS

Test 5 Results:

Test 1: 4460 KBPS
Test 2: 5043 KBPS
Test 3: 5369 KBPS
Test 4: 6279 KBPS
Test 5: 5865 KBPS

These showed a significant drop in speeds between 16:00 and 23:00. It seems to be getting worse though as recent speed test show even slower speeds at other times of the day, especially on weekends. It makes browsing tiresome and using Xbox Live impossible.

[U]What I've tried[/U]
I have rang my ISP on numerous occasions, first thing they said was that it was a problem with BT phone lines and the they said it was an undiagnosed problem. I have done the usual stuff with the network i.e. power cycle the router, reset it to factory defaults and upgrade firmware.

Short of buying a new Router I have tried everything my ISP has advised me to do and they haven't helped in anyway to diagnose the actual problem so I was hoping someone else could give me some advice.

I assume its a problem with the ISP/Broadband line and not a connected device as it happened out of the blue when it had been working perfectly previously.


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September 27, 2009 at 09:44:27
WNR, I live in Pacific time zone and am also having problems with Internet connections during our afternoon and evening. (I'm using an ADSL2+ router.) I not only experience relatively abysmal download times then, but am frequently dropped from the connection altogether. It's gotten so that I don't even try to do anything online between 1400 and 2200. No such problems occur during the nonpeak hours. I've been assuming the ISP can't be bothered to keep up with the traffic demand, but I'm not an expert at all. Does anyone have more information on this subject?

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