ICS with router behind XP host

Netgear Wgt624 router (802.11b/g, 108 mb...
December 21, 2009 at 15:03:34
Specs: Windows XP
Lots of trial and error but I succeeded! So here is info:
Internet connection sharing with windows XP home edition with a router

Using a router for a wireless and wired LAN

Usually a router is used to connect a network to the Internet or to connect a LAN to a WAN ( local area network v. a wide area network) A crossover cable is not needed anywhere.

However I have a Sprint air card USB which the computer considers a dial up connection even though it is broadband. This cannot be connected directly to a router therefore I must enable Internet connection sharing to get other computers on the network to the internet. This computer that accesses the internet is called the host computer. Therefore under control panel network connections the Sprint network adapter which makes the Internet connection is selected and ICS is enabled (under the advanced tab). When ICS is enabled on the host computer it automatically assigns an IP address to the other network adapter (the LAN) I only learned later that you have to be careful if you have multiple connections which one that IP address was assigned. I found on my computer that it gave that address to a nonfunctioning wireless network adapter. Therefore after much trial and error I found this problem and disabled that nonfunctioning network adapter. The LAN adapter then was configured manually under TCP/IP properties with that proper IP address of and the same for the DNS server address. The gateway goes blank and cannot be assigned since this is the gateway.

The router was then assigned a static IP address of for its LAN set up and under the basic settings was assigned for its IP address and DNS address of gateway and primary DNS server (subnet the usual Somewhere on the Internet I read that the LAN DHCP should be disabled but that is not necessary and I have a network music player that cannot function unless the IP address is assigned by the LAN server ( which is the router in this case).

On a computer connected to the LAN via the wireless router (called client computer) I have configured it as follows under Windows XP. Internet Explorer under tools\Internet options\connection is set to auto detect settings and is unchecked for using a proxy server. Under my network places select View Network Connections then select the wireless network connection use to connect to the LAN via the router. Right-click and select properties scroll down to Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and select it. Then click properties. I chose to assign an IP address of 192.16 8.0.8 though it does not seem to be necessary. Subnet mask of with a default gateway of 192.168.01 and the Preferred DNS server must be 192.168.01

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December 22, 2009 at 11:31:16
Why are you using ICS?
Why not using the routers MAC address cloning, to make the modem think, that it's connected to the computer directly?
Then you can connect the computers to the router and surf the internet.

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December 22, 2009 at 12:57:15
I have not heard of that. I was told by a Sprint Tech that ICS was the way to configure. Is the Mac cloning any faster? Can you tell me how to configure the router? I read the info on the routers settings page but it was not clear nor explained well for persons who do not understand in the first place. I had little luck on the Netgear website trying to get info on ICS maybe your suggestion is why. That is, no one does it that way. Yet if that is so, why did three techs at Sprint not know this? I do not understand your statement "to make the router think its connected to the computer directly." I have a network cable connected to the router from the host computer and the other two are wireless. I do not have a wireless network card in the host and best computer. So what is more direct than that cable? Thanks for your assistance. The current setup works well but I am open to doing it in an easier way if it is faster or at least as fast. I will look into this mac cloning but if you wish to reply thanks.

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December 22, 2009 at 13:15:47
I think paulsep missed this part

"Sprint air card USB " which is broadband wireless

not a matter of modems/mac/router

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