Solved How do you fix packet loss?

March 29, 2005 at 03:02:37
Specs: Win XP Pro SP2, 2.1/1gig

My internets been playing up for months. It's not really a big issue but its been doing it for a long time and its starting to annoy me now.
Whenever I try to go to a web page or load up certain apps that use the internet, I have to refresh the page or restart the program.
I've updated my router drivers and PC hardware but still the problem persists.
I spoke to a friend breifly the other day and he said it sounded like packet loss.
Does anyone know how to fix this problem or have any other suggestions as to what the cause may be?

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March 29, 2005 at 03:09:02

is ur monitor turned on ? if so turn it off, not once, not twice, but thrice while eating a pot noodle

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March 29, 2005 at 12:41:24

Mine was doing the same, it's a signal problem, call you ISP and tell them to get it fixed. I just went through just this past weekend, they tryed telling me it was my problem.. LOL. but I stuck to my guns and they did fix it,

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March 29, 2005 at 13:03:09
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Noodle jokes aside, it could be any number of things, most often the connection to your ISP is flaky. Do the usual things first: Scan, defrag your hard drive, upgrade your drivers, and install all Windows updates. Check your connections starting with the PC and working your way to the wall to make sure the plugs are clean, not rusty or corroded, and inserted firmly into the devices. (I've seen this clear up after a bit of green crude was found on the phone cable connector pins.)

If you're using dialup or DSL pick up a phone receiver and listen for crackling noises, echos, or other odd noises on the line. Line noise can really screw up your connection; have your phone company check the line for noise.

Now go here: and follow the guide for tuning your connection. Installing Navas's registry tweaks can really improve your throughput.

Finally, your ISP may be at fault. If you have a cruddy connection you can only improve it so far. Do all of the above and see if your problem clears up. if not, consider another ISP if you can't get them interested in checking their hardware

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