Gets ip but can't access internet

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November 25, 2009 at 04:47:40
Specs: Windows Vista
I'm stumped by this problem. Recently we got some cabling done to connect a computer to the LAN. This computer gets an IP from the DHCP server, it can ping the remote gateway, it even resolves to an IP when I try to ping, but it can't ping it. I can't load any webpages in IE8, seems as if it hangs after resolving the name to an IP. Another computer on the same switch can't ping either but can access webpages just fine. This computer is running XP on the other hand and is in the domain, while the non-working Vista machine is outside the domain. This shouldn't affect it's access to the internet though, as other computers (with XP) works just fine outside the domain even though they are connected to the VLAN the domain resides on.

The network looks like this;

Computer<->Switch<->Switch<->ADSL with several VLAN outputs<->ISP<->Fiber<->HQ<->Servers. The Gateway, DHCP, Domain Controller and DNS-servers are all in HQ, DNS lookups go to HQ but then it connect straight to the internet through the ISP.

The reason PING doesn't work on the XP computer is that our network for some reason doesn't permit outgoing ping request, so it shouldn't be the problem. My theory is that there's some parameter in the Vista computers config that's not right, but as neither I nor my co-workers on the IT-department are familiar with Vista (all computers here are XP Pro machines, only computers that we didn't buy and setup come with Vista, usually through some grant or foundation that has donated the computer),

Our network i

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November 25, 2009 at 07:13:18
Open a command prompt window on the PC that is able to browse the web and do so on the vista PC and do the following command:

ipconfig /all

Now compare output. The only thing that should be different is the IP address and those should be within the same subnet. Feel free to post the output from both computers in here for us to see.

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November 25, 2009 at 21:50:39
Already done that; the ipconfigs are the same except for the last part of the IP, which are within 30 numbers of eachother.

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November 27, 2009 at 14:00:46
post the ipconfig for review. we might see something you are missing.

if you can't use ping use tracert unless they are just blocking all icmp traffic.

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