DSL Training + Retrains problem

June 22, 2009 at 14:58:41
Specs: Windows XP

As much as this seems familiar to you I am not only irritated but annoyed due to that annoying problem. I've got At&t DSL 3mb/s and i live at the spot where it can go max 6 mb which i had earlier. So the problem is simple I have DSL retrains problems. I started with 6 mb but one of the solution of them was to lower speed which did not help at all. We got this problem on different computers so it does not matter the computer settings. The router is 2wire 2701hg-b. What is happening are those 10 sec internet drops which are intolerable for the frequency they happen especially gaming. 8 visits of technician did nothing to help. Here is the router statistic :
ATM Cell Header Errors: 27207 729 0 0:16:54
ATM Loss of Cell Delineation: 25776 677 0 0:16:54
DSL Link Retrains: 115 11 0 0:41:10
DSL Training Errors: 71 0 0 1 day 2:19:45
DSL Training Timeouts: 0 0 0 0:00:00
DSL Loss of Framing Failures: 142 16 0 3:47:40
DSL Loss of Signal Failures: 34 2 0 3:47:40
DSL Loss of Power Failures: 0 0 0 0:00:00
DSL Loss of Margin Failures: 34 2 0 3:47:40
DSL Cumulative Errored Seconds: 1414 84 0 0:16:54
DSL Severely Errored Seconds: 512 16 0 3:47:40
DSL Corrected Blocks: 177590 129315 1 0:03:02
DSL Uncorrected Blocks: 27512 747 0 0:16:54
ISP Connection Establishment: 16 16 16 717:53:07

I appreciate any help :D

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June 22, 2009 at 15:15:24

Looks like you have a bad signal. Did they test the line to the central office?

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June 22, 2009 at 18:58:38

To be honest I don't know
They checked my line to house (made new line)
They checked the box next to my house
They checked and switched something in the local box responsible for certain area and most likely they did check what u said. What I hate is they say we will make line test and they always did it when it worked and tried to bs me that everything is good but last time when my brother called their test was when we had this retrain and he said there is something on the line and they came and did some stuff for like 2-3 hrs when only my brother was in and it did not help at all.

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June 23, 2009 at 07:58:58

confront them on the issue of if they did a line test and the results were OK [have them send you the results] then how can they explain the drops and framing errors.

I would also talk to their billing dept and that with the level of service you only want to pay for that level and not what you supposed to be getting.

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June 23, 2009 at 08:13:59

it's more like they find a some kind of stupid problem and they believe that's it. Every time they come they find something. First annoying me with my cables inside the house which in the end turned out to be good. Then all sorts of stuff outside of my house so I'm looking for a person who had the same kind of problem but got it solved so he can share his solution.

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