DNS without domain. No updates.

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January 29, 2009 at 03:10:03
Specs: Windows 2008, c2d-6400,2gb
I googled around and did not find any useful info on the subject.
My setup: 1 server (dns+dhcp+router), several client computers that often are moved around or replaced.
There is no domain and I will not make it.
The question is: Is it ever possible to dynamically update DNS for these computers?
DHCP is set up to "always update DNS".
Forward entries are not created. In dns debug log, there are no update actions for forward zone.
The funny thing is - it DOES update reverse-zone for dhcp clients, there are records for each registered computer in dns and in debug log. But forward entries are never created.

I tried changing various parameters on client machines (dns suffixes, primary suffix etc), tried creating zone and entering it on client computers too. It didn't work.
Well, has anyone ever been in such situation and solved it? Or maybe you know any links for guides for setting up dhcp+ddns WITHOUT AD?

It worked for a domain computer. (a passerby's business notebook) Flawlessly created forward entry in a 'domain' zone and correctly found in in nslookup. I'm wondering where's the catch :(

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January 29, 2009 at 04:10:03
Solved it five minutes later...
It happens because MS disabled by default DDNS update for a "single-label domain names" (=without a single dot). http://support.microsoft.com/kb/300...
Before, I used domain/dnssuffix name "test".
As soon as I changed it to "test.com", everything started to work.
So, in short, to make it work you need to -
0. Think of a workgroup name with a dot.
1. on clients, enter 'primary dns suffix' in computer properties. (still need to reboot)
2. in dns, create zone for that suffix and set it to "unsecure update".

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