D-Link DIR-615 constantly disconnec

Toshiba / Satellite a205-s5871
January 5, 2009 at 13:10:52
Specs: Windows Vista, unsure
I'm a network newbie, so bear with me! I have a Vista laptop for which I want to set up a basic home wireless network in order to be able to use the laptop anywhere in the house without being tied to a wire. On Saturday 1/3 I purchased a D-Link DIR-615. This morning I attempted to set this router up. I used the wizard on the CD that came with the hardware. I could not get a connection to the internet. I called D-Link's technical support. Their tech support leaves much to be desired. Because of the thick accents of both of the people I talked to, I had to repeatedly ask them to repeat what it was they were telling me to do. After an hour and a half on the phone with them, they told me that the router was working fine and they could not help me. I then called my ISP tech support. The first thing they had me check was the MAC ID on the bottom of the router. D-Link tech support had repeatedly had me click on a button that cloned the MAC Address of my PC. My ISP tech support had me do a hard reset on the router and this reset the MAC Address to match the MAC ID on the sticker. Once this was done, I opened my Firefox browser and instantly got a connection. I thanked my ISP tech support guy and hung up. I tried to go a couple of places on the internet and once again couldn't get in. I then noticed that the connection was intermittent. I was online, then offline, then online again. I logged back into the router using the 192.168.**.* address they gave me and went to the status screen there. I saw that the connection there was constantly disconnecting and reconnecting. It is randomly doing this. It will stay connected for just over a minute one time and then will only stay connected for 18 seconds the next time. I also noticed on this screen that the MAC Address is exactly like the MAC ID on the sticker for the internet connection, but below that the MAC Address listed for the LAN settings and the WAN settings is one digit different. I don't know if the MAC Address thing could be causing it to constantly reconnect or if there is some other issue. Any help???

P.S. - My ISP offered to test the modem, but I don't believe it is their equipment, because as long as I plug directly into the modem, I have no internet connectivity issues.

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January 5, 2009 at 16:32:49
After reading all the technical support you've already gone through, one wonders if there is something wrong with your router. Typically, all that is needed in the kind of setup you describe, if the router is configured with the factory presets (which a hard reset does) is: 1) turn everything off, even unplug everything. 2) then, turn on the Internet modem and give it time to start up. 3) While the modem starts up, connect the router (which is turned off) to the modem. You want to connect the router's WAN port to the modem Ethernet port. 4) Turn on the router and let it start up. 5) while the router starts up, connect the Ethernet port from your laptop to one of the LAN ports on the router. 6) then turn on the laptop and let it boot up.
If you connect and start things up in this fashion and your router is constantly dropping the connection to the modem (but your computer has no problem with the connection), then maybe you need to take the modem back to where you got it and report it has a problem.

And the IP address 192.168.**.* is what is called a NAT address. It is totally internal and is not a REAL Internet address. There are millions of routers around the world which are using the same exact IP address. It does not identify you in any way.

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January 7, 2009 at 18:41:10
Just thought I'd post here and let you guys know I finally got a tech at D-Link tech support that thought the problem through and solved my problem. I am using a wireless modem with much slower speeds than a cable or dsl modem. The router was trying to transmit at much faster speeds than the modem could keep up with. I had to change the speed of the router from 100 mbps to 10 mbps and it is working fine. Thanks for the ideas!

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