Backing Up or Transferring Data to Windows XP

Microsoft Windows nt 4.0 workstation
September 14, 2009 at 20:39:15
Specs: Windows XP
I used to have 3 computers all running Windows NT 4.0 and now cut 2 away and just have the master left. We run Counterpoint POS software and I backed up online forever. Got sick, employee computer wiz left, etc. and now I have no backup for my Counterpoint. My WD Notebook is not recognized and no USB, Thumbdrive, or CD is either. How can I backup my Counterpoint or even transfer it to a newer computer with XP or Vista on it? I also found an old copy of my Quickbooks I desperatly need on that NT. How can I get this either copied to where I can get it on to my XP Desktop, XP Laptop or a new Vista Laptop? Copy to 3.5's and buy an external floppy drive and restore Quickbooks? I have learned quite a bit lately but am still an intermediate. Thanks to any help I can get in easy to understand lingo.....Jennifer

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September 15, 2009 at 08:33:38
Windows NT 4.0 and are you really still using Floppies? Of course your Thumb Drive will not work because USB came out after NT 4.0 but you should have no problems burning to a CD. What is the CD burning software that you are using? You may have to install the NT drive into one of the new computers and copy the data that way. Also, there may be drivers out there somewhere for NT to support USB. I would have to Google for them.

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September 15, 2009 at 12:52:23
Thank you for your reply, laughing at the floppy comment! I dont really use them, just thought I may have to use a relic w/ a relic. I have an external I/O Magic to burn discs but this ol' NT wont recognize it so I went ahead and bought an off lease Compaq w/ XP pro on it and am gonna install Counterpoint POS on it and do a Tornado file share??? Sound OK? And for the Quickbooks, well I just dont know. Whaddayathink and any new suggestions with my new purchases? I will pay for stuff if I have to for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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September 17, 2009 at 08:04:40
Ok, I do not know what a "Tornado file share" is but it sounds like you want to share the databases and files. If so then why not just use the built in Windows Sharing that comes with XP. You simply right click the folder you want to be shared to other computers, then select properties and go to the Share Tab. There is a tutorial on Mircosoft's site.

Now the Counterpoint POS. I have never worked with this POS before so there would be many questions. Does it have its own device which dials into your merchants account or does it use your internal modem? Does it even use a modem or does it connect through the internet.

As for getting your stuff off your old systems, I would purchase a burning software that is compatible with NT. I think NERO still supports NT but look on the side of the box to make sure. Then get an internal IDE ATA CD R/W Drive. A USB will not work because NT does not support USB as you have discovered. This is going to be the hard part because they do not sell IDE ATA any more and only sell SATA drives which I am sure your old system will not support. You may have to rely on either E-Bay or a friend that can hook you up with this older drive.

You best bet I hate to say is to get a computer consultant who has these systems at their disposal. Yes they are expensive. Also I would recommend you talk to the tech support for Counterpoint and ask them for help because they will have a better idea of how their system works.

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