Add wireless accounts via command

December 30, 2008 at 14:16:47
Specs: Windows XP, Celeron
OS: Microsoft Windows XP SP2/SP3

Starting off what I need is strictly for professional use, and is not for any 'Hacking' or illegal activity. I have close to a hundred laptops I just recieved for my company, and I have six access points I have set up. The laptops connect to the domain through the access points... well, I have a lot of work to do. I have looked around the internet and the only way I was able to figure out how to simplify the connections was through windows wireless configuration with a directory on a jump drive with files like setupSNK.exe and WSETTINGS.WFC, however this isn't as easy as I would like it...

I would like a command line script that will add the following to a Windows XP Wireless Preffered Connections:

SSID: Network WEP: 12345

If this cannot be done in command then I have another thing that could solve my problem... For some reason the autorun script only works right with the autoplay feature with removable storage, it wouldn't work if I just simply double click setupSNK.exe. How might I force the autoplay feature on a directory with an autorun.inf file using command line, If I simply use the 'Start' or 'Call' feature in my .bat file it just opens the Autorun.inf file for editing, I would simply like to execute the autorun.

If any of this makes sence please help, Questions like this have been asked before, however never answered... so I am hoping its just my searching abilities...

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January 1, 2009 at 05:41:19
I recently had to coordinate with our PC unit to deploy around 50 laptops to a specific internal access wireless network I built especially for our training people.

What we did, and you may have to do too, is create an image. Once everything on that image was updated and installed we then connected it to the wireless network using the correct SSID and WPA encryption (you may want to go to WPA and skip the WEP encryption. Our security specialist cracked WEP in under 30 minutes).

Once we verified that the image connected correctly our PC dept guy then cloned it onto the other laptops. All laptops joined the wireless network without issue.

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January 1, 2009 at 16:35:21
yeah... I know what you are saying. I set up a Clonezilla backup linux server that allows me to clone and backup computers through the ethernet PXE. Unfortunately these laptops don't qualify for this... You see, when ever we save an image to the drive we reseal XP so that we can input the XP serial as labeled on the individual computer. These laptops are through a state program and were down graded by the state from Vista. We have no documentation at all. What you are saying would work so well, but I work for a public school district and unfortunately you have to be by the book, even more so when it is state funded. Thanks anyway.

What I did was just created a batch (.bat) file and configured it to copy files from directories and then execute the setupSNK.exe from the root up a jump drive. It works well, not one click that quick but quicker than manually.

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