iTunes won't open

February 7, 2006 at 13:03:12
Specs: 10.28, G3/256
When i click on iTunes it doesn't open--nothing happens
except for that slight outline of a window. I tried iTunes 4
and also iTunes 6 (which should work with OS 10.28).
This is on a G3 iBook--any ideas? THANK YOU

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February 7, 2006 at 19:28:43
If this is a machine you've been using for awhile and
suddenly your iTunes won't work that could indicate some
more serious problems.

Assuming that this is your first time using iTunes and that
it is not working I would go into System Preferences then
Users and create a new user. Switch to that new user by
logging out of your current user and selecting the new
one and see if iTunes launches properly there. Two ways
to proceed from here:

First, if iTunes launches properly in the new user then
there's something wrong with your other user's settings.
That will take a lot more work than you might be
comfortable with. If this is the case I would recommend
backing up all information you want to keep and doing a
complete erase and install of your operating system then
copying back your data.

Second, and the much better scenario, if it doesn't work in
the new user then there a problem with either the
application or your operating system itself. The
application will be easier to deal with. You can just
navigate to the iTunes icon in your Applications folder and
throw that in the trash. Download a new copy of iTunes
from Install
and proceed from there. If that still doesn't work, find
your OS CDs. Place them in the optical drive and then
reboot the computer. When you hear the boot tone hold
down the 'C' key until the computer boots. This will take
you into the OS install application. Proceed through the
steps until you get to the screen with a hard drive icon on
it. Click once on the drive and then press the 'options'
buttion in the bottom left. Select "archive and install" and
make sure the "preserve user settings and accounts"
checkbox has a check in it to keep your users folder in
place. You might want to still backup anything you would
have a heart attack over losing before going through this
process. This should hopefully solve your iTunes problem
but I doubt you will have to go this far.

Good luck!

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February 9, 2006 at 07:07:24
Thank you--I also found page of suggestions at Apple's
site--I'll work on this today and see what success i have--

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March 5, 2006 at 04:11:17
hi i have ben using itunes for my ipod minni for quite a while, but resently it wont open it just comes up with
error # -2093 but i dont know what it means. so i reinstalled everything but it still wouldnt work, What should i do???

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