Vertical Lines and miscolored pixels

September 14, 2009 at 00:58:28
Specs: Windows Vista
I recently seem to have broken my system by accidentally installing a video card that outstripped my power supply's amp rating. The system worked great for a while, but then I started noticing that the screen would eventually develop patches of pixels that were bleeding into each other and very thin vertical lines or miscolored blotches all over the screen. These things usually start appearing about 30 min after booting the computer up.

My initial thought was that I busted my new video card through overheating (though I never saw temp crest above 60 or so, and I think it's rated up to 90). In any case, I swapped my new video card out for the old card which should have restored my system back to normal. Unfortunately, the problem persists even with the old card, suggesting that something other than the video card got broken or fried (probably by the power supply feeding in insufficient amps).

Do you have any ideas what the problem piece of hardware could be? As I said, it seems like it's not the video card as my older stable video card evidences the same problems. Could I have ruined the RAM? the motherboard? the CPU? the PSU? What could cause vertical lines and miscolored blotches in the display? I'd prefer to replace only the damaged parts, rather than buying a whole new machine.

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September 14, 2009 at 01:09:16
Did you try booting into safe mode (F8) at bootup? You may need to update the drivers or change the settings for resolution and/or refresh rate.

If you have an LCD display the default resolution and refresh rate is where you should set it.

Try another monitor on the system to verify that isn't the problem after adjusting the settings.

I suppose it is possible the PSU is causing this but I think it is unlikely.

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