Toshiba Laptop Display Problems

November 20, 2005 at 01:52:01
Specs: WindowsXP Pro, 750Mhz/256


I have a problem with my Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600 laptop (Model No.PS460E-02HYT-EN). The display recently stopped showing any image. I have been reading through some old solutions to similar problems on this site, but need further help.

The backlight still comes on when I power on, so I am assuming that the inverter is working okay (I know....should never assume anything!) I tried connecting an external monitor, and when I do this the image from the laptop is displayed with no problems at all. I do not therefore think this is a problem with the video.

I have also disconnected the inverter plug from the lcd to see if I could see any faint image on the screen (I am not familiar with whether a faulty inverter only causes the backlight to fail, or if this can come on but there is still a problem). There was no image at all, however faint, on the screen when I tried this.

I then tried connecting the screen from another laptop to the Toshiba's video ribbon cable (could not connect to inverter as is different plug - again assuming this was probably a good thing or something would have been toasted!) This time I could see a very faint image on the other screen, but obviously with no backlight. I therefore do not think this is a problem with the actual LCD flex cable.

My question is, does all this mean that the problem lies within the LCD itself? (This is a Samsung LTN141X7-L06 - I have checked the prices for this on the internet and it seems an expensive part to replace). If so, is replacement my only option or can a suitable but cheaper screen be fitted in this laptop?

The Toshiba was working fine with nothing indicating any display problems prior to failing, but I don't know how common this type of problem is (seems more often than not is inverter problem from posts I read).

Any help from someone experienced in repairing laptops would be much appreciated.

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November 20, 2005 at 08:14:00

The lcd screen itself rarely goes defunct all at the same time. Usually the screen itself will start dropping pixels one by one when it gets too old.

So I would be apt to suspect a break (or lose solder connection) in one of the control lines between the plug (on the lcd side) and the lcd module itself.

You will have to open the lcd lid to check the connections, but a good starting point is to take notice on how you open and close the laptop and look for signs of torquing in the lid. Also take notice of where yours hands are on the lid when you carry it. These torquing spots and pressure points will be good starting points for possible connection problems.

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November 20, 2005 at 09:06:33


Thanks for your reply. Had a look at back of lcd panel near connection points, but cannot see anything obviously wrong. Is this a job for a professional laptop screen repair specialist?

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