Too many bad sectors

May 11, 2005 at 17:47:03
Specs: Win2K Server, 750 / 192

Hello, and thankn you for your help.

first off here's some of my pc's specs

750 mhz
192 mbs

0 - 80 gb [partitioned into 3gb (holds server OS) & 74 gb]
1 - 40 gb (1 partition)
2 - 160 gb ^
3 - 120 gb ^

These drive are from 1/2 inch to 1 inch away from each other in the pc.

I had an ftp/file server up for about two months, everything was going great until now. At compleate random the server beeped and an error apeared saying somthing like "Disk Read Error..." After that, all programs shut off, and I was left with a slow desktop. I restarted and got a blue screen (the hardware one). I tried using windows repair, from my instasllation disk, and it did not recognize windows. So, I formated the 3gb partition on disk 0, and installed windows. Everything seemed to be going smooth, I secussfully installed windows. I plugged back in drives 2 and 3 again (unplugged because I needed to hook up a cd-rom) and started the pc. I got to the scan disk screne (win2k version) and it found about 600 "unreadable" files on
disk 0's 74 gb partition. It did some kind of "repair" and restarted. I was then left with another blue screen. I re-installed windows again, this time everything went great. But, when I tried tp open a folder of disk 0's 74 gb partition, it said "files un readable". I figured it was just a file system error, and formatted the drive. I then used Western Digital's diag tool, selected "extended scan" it runs for about 5 minutes and then the error message "too many
bad sectors" apears, and the scan stops. The 3gb partition seems to be woprking fine. Is
there anyway to repair this? How did these sectors go bad? Is my hard drive shot? Can I still use this drive?

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May 11, 2005 at 20:56:43

"Is there anyway to repair this?"
Yes, replace the drive.

"How did these sectors go bad?"
Probably head contact with the platters. It happens sometimes.

"Can I still use this drive?"
I sure wouldn't.

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May 11, 2005 at 21:04:09

ham30, dont scare the poor guy.

hi dave,

there r many reasons for bad sectors including power failures.

You can use a software called "hard disk regenerator" ( just google for it ), to repair most of your hard disk( upto 90% ).

I think after using hard disk regenerator, if all problems are corrected, there is no problem in continuing using the same hdd.

good luck.

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May 12, 2005 at 02:44:58

There are only two kinds of harddrive. Those that have failed and those that will.
Harddrives can operate successfully for years with a few bad sectors. Yours however appear to be more than a few and are possibly growing. In that case bite the bullet, ditch it and get a replacement.

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