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compaq nx7000
August 31, 2006 at 07:31:43
Specs: Windows XP Professional 2, Intel Pentium 1600MHz 1.5
Apparently my system is missing the standard VGA driver ,when attempting to upgrade my video driver ,I received a notice that the update could not continue without the standard VGA driver ? Does anyone know where I can go and download the VGA driver?

My driver is an ATI Ratheon 9200.

Note: Saw the replies to this issue to "Ritchie" and they didn't work for me.

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August 31, 2006 at 07:48:30
The Standard VGA driver is standard with Windows. It is the default driver that is loaded when there are no other drivers available. It cannot be downloaded.

Go to Display Properties > Advance and click display. Click properties and unload current driver. You will be asked to reboot and it will reboot with the Standard VGA driver loaded.

You can then re-install the updated driver.

It is always good practise to revert back to the Standard VGA driver when upgrading video driver and especially when installing a new video card. It avoids a miss-match between different modules of the video driver.


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August 31, 2006 at 09:51:05
If Stuart's advice doesn't help, check the ATI web site for a fix. I had that problem once and I believe I eventually found a fix there,

Do yourself a favor BACKUP!

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August 31, 2006 at 14:08:55
I've had recent experience trying to help someone upgrade the drivers for an ATI AIW 9800 from what was on the CD that came with it for XP to newer ones for XP MCE.

I found:
Although XP has a standard VGA driver built into it, you cannot go back to it or select it in XP no matter what you do, at least not once the ATI card has already been installed and you are trying to upgrade the drivers. In Windows 95/98/98SE/ME it was easy to do that.
If you do as StuartS suggests:

"Go to Display Properties > Advance and click display. Click properties and unload current driver. You will be asked to reboot and it will reboot......."

The old ATI drivers will automatically re-load as you boot! Windows finds the *.inf file for the card automatically!

How did I get around this?

I uninstalled the drivers for the card in Add/Remove programs. (If you used drivers built into Windows rather than using the CD that came with the card to install drivers there may be no drivers listed there to un-install).

I searched for *.inf files in C:\Windows\Inf that contained something in the label of the card that is displayed in Device Manager - Display Adapters - in my case 9800, and AIW.
In your case, search for 9200 and take a look at that or those *.inf files and make sure they are for an ATI 9200.
Move (Cut, Paste) that *.inf file or files, somewhere other than C:\Windows\Inf. You could try moving only the newest dated one, if you previously installed drivers from a CD that came with the card.


Windows will find the ATI card and prompt you to install drivers for it - it will probably find two adapters and ask you twice - Cancel that each time - don't let it load drivers.
This leaves Windows in a state where it creates two yellow ! marked entries in Device Manager, and in Display Properties it is set to a default VgaSave state.
You can look in Display Properties - Advanced - Display to see that at that point.

DO NOT reboot before installing the first drivers to keep it in this state - if you do, Cancel the software installs for the two adapters again.

Install the new drivers for the card (SEE BELOW).
You may get an error message during the display drivers install.
Zero Display Service Error"
Ignore it - the display driver will install properly, as long as the Display was in the VgaSave state at the time.

Other things:

See the INSTALL DIRECTIONS pointed to on the driver pages. You must Un-install your old Catylyst and all other drivers, etc. for the 9200 card BEFORE you install the new drivers.
The HTML (online) version has more information in it than the PDF version.

DO NOT install the driver files in the category order they are listed on the ATI driver pages. The categories are listed alphabetically, NOT in the order they should be installed.
You MUST install the Catalyst drivers first.

If you do install the drivers in the category order as they are listed, you will probably have problems - in my case, the Desktop would not fully load after installing the Cayalyst drivers. (It will load the rest of the way if you press Alt - Ctrl - Del, then choose New Task, type explorer.exe - there is no cure for that situation)

You may need to install DirectX 9.0c and/or Net Framework 2.0 before you install the drivers if they are not already installed.

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