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June 25, 2007 at 15:02:24
Specs: win xp pro sp2, amd/2gb
does all motherboards have a reset switch?. i know that all motherboards have a hdd led, power led, and power switch. im trying to buy a new tower and put my old motherboard into the new tower but it comes with all those different seperate wires that you have to plug in correctly. the old tower just had one big wire that connected everything and you just plug it in. my old motherboard is from a compaq presario 5310us model, it is not running right now so i cant get the correct model for the motherboard sorry. on the old tower it just has a power button but the new one i want has a power and a reset button. i know how to connect the power led, hdd led, and power switch but the reset switch is where im stuck at, i dont know if it doesnt come with a reset switch or if it has one and just wasnt used because of the tower or what not. if anyone can tell me if it has a reset switch that would be great, please let me know thanks.

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June 25, 2007 at 15:16:54
All motherboards have a reset switch, or at least the CPU has the facility to enable a reset switch. Being a propriety motherboard Compaq may not have implemented the reset switch in order to save money. You would need to look at the motherboards specification to find out.

The reset switch is a very simple affair. Its just takes one of the pins from the CPU and grounds it which forces the CPU to start again from a known memory location which is in the BIOS.

Most motherboards also have a sleep connection but that is not always implemented by the case switches.


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June 25, 2007 at 22:28:38
do you really need a reset switch?, if a computer gets stuck then holding the power button in for about five seconds normally turns it off, then press it again to switch back on.
Personally I wouldn't waste much time on it as it is not really needed

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June 26, 2007 at 00:44:47
thanks alot for letting me know, i didnt know that all motherboards have a reset switch also. well ive looked at the manual and it said nothing about none of those switches just plugging in the big one. so im just going to have to figure out myself where the reset switch is and hopefully i find it thanks anyways though.

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June 26, 2007 at 08:12:45
Excerpts from a post I made on another web site, plus some added lines:

"I looked up the HP parts for Presario 5310US.
It can have either a Celeron or an AMD K7 motherboard."

"If it has a Celeron mboard,
5310US (Celeron)
(BBXZ) (470020-352) or (JXDS) (470022-125)
it has either of these two mboards:


If that's what you have.... "

A third party site says:
"This motherboard.." (labelled Loretto) " an OEM version of the Lite-On TR100"
"Lite-On Support Pages: " (Chinese)
I looked there - it seems there is no longer any info for older mboards.
Fortunately, a third party site has the information for TR100:
Manual, etc.
Go here:

"If it has an AMD K7 cpu (slot A) mboard....

NOTE that it is quite likely the pinouts for the front panel are the same as for the 5310 (Celeron) models - if all you need is the info for that, look at the TR100 manual, above.

If you would like to see if I can find a mboard maker's manual........" or at least front panel pinouts.....

HP (and Compaq) Parts lookup finds:
"5310US (AMD) - (BBYZ) (470018-936) - mboard 232148-004 - no picture"

"Searched with 232148-004 at the HP parts lookup pages - this mboard was used in a lot of other Presario models."

Look for the Compaq 9 digit number for the mboard on a stuck on label on the mboard - tell me what you find.

There is a third party site that can provide more info about mboards used in Compaq computers if you can find a Compaq designated name on a label.
"Look for a (stuck on) label on the mboard with a name on it - e.g. ASPEN2, and/or an obvious model number printed (directly) on the mboard - often between the slots - tell me what you find."

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June 26, 2007 at 16:21:57
hey thanks a bunch Tubesandwires for finding me that website it helped me out alot!. yea and also i found where that reset switch is it was right next to the power switch. i tried looking for the manual a few years back but i couldnt find it so i gave up. you actually found it within a few days thats pretty amazing, i have both of those motherboards and both of them are intel celeron processors. well thanks again man i appreciate your help very much!.

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June 27, 2007 at 07:04:08
Thanks for answering back, and you're welcome, especially since the person I made the original answer post to never responded and I have no idea whether he read it.
Brand name systems such as HP or Compaq often use a one piece female connector from the original case to connect to the front panel (Compaq often calls it the button board connector, to the button board on the case)that can only be connected one way, and if you can find a brand name system mboard manual at all there is usually no info about which pin connects to what.

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