PCI Sound card not detected

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July 25, 2009 at 02:46:29
Specs: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium, 2.668 GHz / 3062 MB

Before I begin, please excuse for the slightly
long-winded tale that this will undoubtedly be!
Just quite a few lil parts to it....

I recently had a wireless PCI card in one of the
two PCI slots in my PC. The other slot is
unfortunately covered by the graphics card, so
in effect I only have one PCI slot. So I
discovered after a good long time of faffing that
the wireless card I had bought did not support
my OS (Vista Home Premium) .... vista.

So, a week or so ago I was updating my
graphics card drivers and I downloaded this
HDMI audio driver along with the Radeon
drivers (its used for directing sound through
your graphics card for use with an HDMI
television, afaik). Thinking no harm would
come from this I installed them just in case I
might need it one day!

Unfortunately this then took over from the
sound I was using at the time which was the
integrated sound card on the motherboard. I
was then unable to switch it back. So, I
uninstalled the HDMI drivers... but they
wouldn't leave. I have tried reg cleaners and

I then thought, I know! I'll put in the sound card
from my old PC seeing as my one PCI slot is
now free. So I switched the machine off, took
out the wireless card and shoved in the sound
card. I then powered it up, entered the bios,
disabled the integrated sound card and
continued on into windows. Unfortunately
Windows didn't notice any difference, no "new
hardware detected" message. So at first I
thought it was because I hadn't booted up
between swapping the cards, so I tried that
(booting up with no card in at all, then
switching off and putting the card back in), but
I had no success.

So I'm really not sure where to go at this point,
in "Playback Devices" in the Sound
configuration all I have listed is "Digital Output
Device (HDMI)" from the f**king graphics card
drivers! And nothing else. Absolute pain! hah

Anyway, any ideas would really be
appreciated, I'm pretty stumped! Let me know
if theres any extra information that would be

Many thanks in advance,


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July 25, 2009 at 07:32:37
Did you try uninstalling the Cataylst drivers as well as the HDMI drivers?

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July 25, 2009 at 09:36:33
I did yeah, unfortunately the HDMI part remained :(

thanks for the reply :)

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