PC3200 memory downgraded to DDR266?

Intel / D845PESV
January 2, 2009 at 20:19:37
Specs: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, 2 GHz / 2046 MB
Hi. I hope you all can help me. I had a 512mb PC2700 memory module installed on my D845PESV motherboard. After the Intel splash screen loads, it would say DDR 333. I took out the PC2700 and put in two 1Gb PC3200 modules for a total of 2Gb. The board supports PC2100 or PC2700 slots with a maximum of 1Gb per slot for a total of 2Gb. Crucial said PC3200 would be compatible, and after the crucial scan, it says upgraded to the maximum for this motherboard. When the computer boots up and gets past the Intel splash screen, it says DDR 333 downgraded to DDR 266. Under My Computer, it shows the memory installed of 2046 MB. It shows the memory, but I am wondering why isn't it running to the full speed of at least the PC2700.

Also, this motherboard has a FSB of 533 Mhz. I so-called read somewhere to get the full 533 Mhz FSB that I had to install the maximum memory on this computer. How can I find out what the FSB is after the memory upgrade, because under Belarc Adviser, it shows CPU 100 Mhz, is that different than the FSB? The CPU chip I bought was a 2.8, and the techs at CompUsa said that it would only run at 2.0 until I maxed out the memory to allow the board to run the 533 Mhz FSB and then the CPU would increase to 2.8. It still runs at 2.0. I tried to go under the Bios settings and it is grayed out and will not allow you to make a change there. Can someone please help me.

Thank you.

Manufacturer: Intel_
Model: D845PESV
OS: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
CPU/Ram: 2 GHz / 2046 MB
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6200
Sound Card: Hercules DigiFire(tm) 7.1 WDM Interface

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January 2, 2009 at 20:57:21
1st of all, you need to know a few things:

400MHz FSB runs at 100MHz frequency.
533MHz FSB runs at 133MHz frequency.

DDR266 RAM runs at 133MHz frequency.
DDR333 RAM runs at 166MHz frequency.
DDR400 RAM runs at 200MHz frequency.

If you're running a P4 at 400MHz FSB, the correct RAM speed for best performance is DDR266. If you run a P4 at 533MHz FSB, the correct RAM speed is DDR333. These are the settings your board will default to...it's all explained in the manual. See table 7 on page 23:


Since you have a 2.8 GHz/533MHz FSB CPU (21 x 133MHz) but appear to be running it at 400MHz FSB, the CPU speed should be 2.1GHz (21 x 100MHz), not 2.0GHz. I'm not familiar with how your board works but what I think you need to do to get it to run at the correct speed is shutdown the system, then move the BIOS block jumper to the CONFIGURE position, then bootup. After it reconfigures, shutdown & move the jumper back to the NORMAL position. See page 66 of the manual, or this:


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January 2, 2009 at 22:26:42
Thank you very much. I will give it a try tomorrow. That makes a lot of sense about the jumper configuration on the board. I installed this motherboard along with all the pc components, sound card, video card, network card, memory card, etc. along with set the jumpers on the board back then around the year 2002. I have not upgraded the memory since then or added any pc components to the board or changed jumper settings since 2002, except I did install a new video card about a month ago, but had no problems with it installing or recognizing the new memory in the Bios. I will try the jumper configuration tomorrow and hope everything goes well. Thank you again for your help, advice and links. Thank you.

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