Old machine older problem AOL error (AC 1000)

September 23, 2007 at 00:28:57
Specs: windows xp sp2 profession, cybermax /320
I recently had my comp reformatted, then re-reformatted in the same week. Somewhere in there my machine, (which is admittedly old but was serving my purpose and not booting me before) starting freezing and going to black screen or to BIO and restarting. While the crashes or bootings happen mainly when I'm in game site playing games; it has happened while on IM, just posting in a site, and while I wasn't on AOL but in My Ducuments playing an emulator. Again, none of this happened before I had the reformats.I was told to have it run in safe mode then see if the games would play. If they did software could be the problem. If not Hareware, Memory, or V-Card.

Tonight while runnig in Safe Mode I couldn't connect to AOL. The connection was blocked. AOL ERROR (AC 1000). A Tech took me through to Modem Diagnostics and nearly all the fields had (=?) by them. She said I needed to have the Modem reconfigured by the manufacturer.

The comp wasn't new when I got it and I have no paperwork for it.

Feedback, suggestions, help with who might be able to configure if I can't get in touch with the company that manu. this machine. It after 3 A.M. here and tomorrow I'll look for the computer's reg and ser. numbers. Please suggestion what else might help. Be warned! I know next to nothing about computers.

Thank you for listening.


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September 23, 2007 at 01:54:17
Possibility of overheating, and thats whats crashing the games? Check heatsinks inside pc? Also what are the system specs?

Core2Duo E6400 @ 3.4ghz
2gb Elipedia 1066mhz5,5,5,15
EVGA 680i
BFG 8800 GTS-OC 320mb
680w Thermaltake Purepower
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Vista Home Premium

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September 23, 2007 at 01:58:37
Why did you reformat the computer in the first place? Try updating ALL drivers, motherboard (Chipset drivers), video, sound etc. Make sure all programs are updated too.

You should have left the computer as it was if it was working fine. Oh well, I suppose i do the same thing all the time! heh.

BTW, you probably couldn't connect to AOL because you were in safe mode. A lot of settings are put to default or not even set which is the purpose of safe mode anyway.

Mattwizz3 :

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A7N8X-E Deluxe
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September 23, 2007 at 06:47:38
I agree with Mattwizz3. Why did you format? That's definitely not how you fix a hardware problem, which is very likely what it is. When's the last time you opened the case & cleaned out the accumulated dust?

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September 23, 2007 at 07:00:29
not much ususally works in safe mode. safe mode is for fixing problems and therefore a lot of drivers etc are not loaded in safe mode. Often stuff like modems , usb , network does not work in safe mode as safe mode uses bare minimum of stuff to get computer started for troubleshooting. A lot of stuff is therefore effectively disabled when using safe mode

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September 23, 2007 at 07:27:58
i'm suprised the aol tech didn't know that a modem would not work in safemode.


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September 23, 2007 at 11:09:52
**Be warned! I know next to nothing about computers**
Hey mattwizz3 and jam, lighten up a bit, this person is trying in desperation to get the PC working.

1-did you reformat using a restoration disc or an origional XP install disc?
2-Did you unplug everything from your tower EXCEPT the mouse & keyboard when re-installing XP?

Knowing your PC specs would really help too...if you need help in posting them, just click on the red link in my sig, it explains that.

If you are on dialup it will take quite awhile to get all your critical up-dates and PC updates like response 2 mentioned.

I have no idea if you have friends or family on DSL or High Speed internet. If you do, you would be wise to take your tower there to do your up-dates, it will take a fraction of the time. If you absolutely have to use AOL, you would be best to use AOL VR which is the latest and best version. Be aware, AOL techs usually try to pass the buck when it comes to your problems...most of them are reading a manual and have no idea or tech smarts.

You mentioned nothing about what AV or firewall you use...I wouldn't suggest using the AOL protection as they are using McAfee which will slow you down to a real crawl. If you need a good free AV and firewall, they are also listed in my link, all on one page.

That will give you a start.

Some HELP in posting on Cnet plus free progs and instructions Glad to Help!

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September 24, 2007 at 18:32:17
Sorry to be so long getting back everyone, and thanks for the suggestions. Let's see in oreder: I did say I'm not computer learned so I have no idea what spect you want. If I need to open a specific program to chek give me the "Start" path and I'll post it. Otherwise, I have no manual for this machine, though the previous owner is looking for it.

Here is all the info from the comp's back plate:FTNA5333BA3; SN# 7001858575; 115/230VAC; 5.0/2.5A; 80/50 Hz; MH14787(S);
E13734S; 5K2S ...It was designed for Microsoft Windows 98 and is a CYBERMAX. It uses a Lucent Wins Modem. Hold on i did see some info on the Modem cord I guess it is. the one the doesn't detach from the monitor. Here that is: AWM E101344 STYLE 2919 VW-1 80C = (EIGHTY DEGREES CENTIGRADE) 30V LOW VOLTAGE COMPUTER CABLE SPACE SHUTTLE CSA LL80671 AWM # A/B 80C 150V

Shoot, I didn't realize i hadn't given these, sorry. The comp has 320 RAM recently upgraded from 196, it can't hold more. At least my repairmen tell me; 12.11 GB with 65 percent free space, Radeon 7000 Series -- AGP 2X/4X Connect 3D, only speakers as accoutrement. Thanks for your reply.

2.I ask myself that question now everyday, believe me. Not the reformating but the validating Windows. My repairmen kept harping that no matter what problem I had it wasn't as bad as the WGA Microsoft placed on the comp. The problem was jerky games and freezing in Pogo.com - AOL Games. (The games themselves acted up but the clock kept time and it irked me.) And AOL, pushing their new 9.0VR, so after months of deliberating I went ahead and loaded 9.0VR. So with the validation came all the rest. Umm, an msT said that the drivers update themselves. he went in to the system pages while sharing my desktop. Thanks for your reply!

3. Opened it! I tell techs this all the time, and firmly believe it. The world could have a computer in each and every home and less than one ten percnt of the owners would know how to maintain or repair their machine. I, have no idea. However, since my machine has been in the shop 3 times in the past 6 wks, I'd hope they took pity own me and moved dust to see what they were doing. Again, how incompetent are the guys to say that there is no hardware problem when there is. they had mu computer three times all during this process and the last time for a week with instructions as to exactly what was happening, written and spoken. (Don't make me angry with them all over) Thanks for your reply!

4. Thanks guys for the heads up about SM. The deal was a AOL Tech asked me to ask my repairmen to Boot it to Safe Mode then play the games. If they played the problem was likely software. If not then Hardware, Memory or V-Card might be the cause. BTW, I ran an emulator in safe Mode and it played until i got tired around hour and half when it would have cut off in reg mode after ten minutes or less. Color was bad and it was twice as fast but it played. Thanks for replying!

5. I don't know, he did ask me to take it in to my repaimen; maybe they know something I don't. This guy was a troubleshooter for computer companies like Dell and Microsfot. Yeah, he was an AOL tech, but giving the BOTD let's assume some of them know what their talking about. Thanks for your reply!

6. By now you know I had Microsoft do an easyassist desktop share to install my new program. I had my disc that was a part of Microsoft's WGA Package. When you validate online they send you a disc within a couple of days and then call back to do the setup and installation. Yes, I unplugged everything, the speakers. That's all I have attached. I use this thing for games and bare posting. I did one item in "WORD" for a game site and don't intend to do another, so. *With this comp since val. if it wasn't in the WXPSP2 package it hasn't been downloaded. I did upgrade IE6 to 7, JAVA, SHOCKWAVE, using AVG 7.5F, Microsoft's Firewall. I want to know the specs and I looked into the link to Belarc, I asked my MT but he suggested I might not want to use the memory. Oh believe me, I know they do that, they also rush you off the phone or even the net. I however, am very tenacious when I want answers. As I said, they talked me into loading that big-a McAfee Suite when I knew my machine couldn't handle it. As soon as I clicked the scan button it booted to black. Thanks for your reply!

If anyone puts me on the right path (remember I might need pictures) I'll do my best to get you the specs you need. Don't ask me to open this thing. I simply won't do that.

Q:In the Modem Diagnostics, they ask that you pay attention to AT13. THis is what mine said..."LTV.92 DATA+FAX MODEM VERSION 8.28"

And this was at AT#CLS=? ..."COMMAND NOT SUPPORTED"

Okay don't laugh 'cause i don't know, but an AOL tech said I need to have my Modem reconfigured and to contact the manufacturer. Right! CYBERMAX. Anyway, as it is a Lucent product would they be more helpful? That the reformat may have been bad.

Thanks guys for all the support. To the ADMINS, please excuse the long post, I felt obliged to reply to all trying to help, it's appreciated.

If you're not having a great day, don't blame God.

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September 25, 2007 at 19:24:48
I want to follow-up on the modem's Commands.






If you're not having a great day, don't blame God.

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September 30, 2007 at 21:34:06
Looks like a problem with ati2dvag driver guys. I'll know more tomorrow.

If you're not having a great day, don't blame God.

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October 2, 2007 at 16:59:28

Gateway E4200 Pentium III

9.55 GB / 7.33 FREE SPACE

547 MHz

256 mram


CABLE MODEM will have to change to DIAL-UP MODEM


Please, feel free to copy and insert what you think the maximum change can be. I will also want to run AOL's 9.0 VR and probably it's McAfee Security Suites which requires 500 MHz.


If you're not having a great day, don't blame God.

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