Nvidia Geforce 7900 GS AGP 512MB DDR3 Memory

June 25, 2009 at 06:36:23
Specs: Windows XP
Hi folkes,

i have a frustrating problem. I ordered the Nvidia Geforce 7900GS AGP 512MB DDR3 from this exact site


after doing some research and checking out more requirements, i discovered that I will also need a new power supply unit considering I have a Dell Dimension 4500 (250W). So I purchased a new psu from dell to ensure it would be compatible with my computer. The exact psu I purchased is below...


as u can see, the psu is 500W and the recommended watts for the video card is 450W. After getting the two in the mail, i started to install them. I installed my new psu first and everything was in place tightly. Then I decided to install my video card. Everything "looked" ok. I booted up my machine and my monitor displayed nothing but my computer was running. I turned off everything and double checked inside my computer. I forgot to plug in the power cord to the psu. I only can plug in two cords. The video card came with 3 cords. One has a set of x1 four bolt pins and x2 four bolt holes. I used x1 four bolt hole to connect in the actual video card thats attached to it. The second cord I used the x1 four bolt pins to connect to a 4 bolt hole from my psu cords. So i have x1 four bolt holes not used. Is that fine? Because my psu cords don't have a x1 4 bolt pin cord with it. After plugging in the power cord, it worked!

Installed the drivers on the CD and then updated the driver from nvidia. After updated, i was prompted to restart my computer. The computer restarted and I shut it down to close my computer case. When I closed everything back up and started it up, i get no display again. I turned off my computer and opened it back up to re-check. Everything was in order and tight. I even took out the video card and re-plugged the power cable and it still was the same problem. I put my old video card back in and it worked liked a charm. Do you think it's because i didn't use both cords from my video card? If yes, do i just purchase a new power cord with x2 bolts pin? System specs below

Pc: Dell Dimension 4550 (XP HOME SP2)
CPU: Intel Pentium 4, 2400 MHz
Old VC: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5600XT (256 MB)
Hard Drive: 55.8GB
Power Supply: 500W

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June 25, 2009 at 08:24:44
It's a shame you didn't ask for advice before you bought anything. The Radeon HD 3850 is the best gaming card ever made for AGP...there are none better, nor will there ever be. Not only is it better/faster than the old 7900GS, it's cheaper:

SAPPHIRE 100228L Radeon HD 3850 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 AGP - $95 (after rebate)

The PSU was an OK choice but you could have gotten it a lot cheaper at newegg:

OCZ StealthXStream OCZ500SXS 500W - $40 (after rebate) w/free shipping

OK, now that I trashed your purchases, let's look at your problem. Your descriptions of the power supply cables & plugs is confusing. Not all the PSU plugs will be used so expect to have several extra. What exactly is required by the video card? One 4-pin molex plug? The card probably came with a Y-adapter. If that's the case, the 2nd plug in just a spare. If you have an unused 4-pin molex from the PSU, you probably don't even need to use the adapter.

Your driver installation is a bit goofy. What you *should* have done was download the latest driver from nVidia in advance. The old driver for the FX5600 should have been uninstalled before you shutdown & swapped cards. Then when you booted up with the new card in place, you should have immediately installed the latest driver. The driver that came with the card wasn't necessary, but since you said you installed it, it should have been uninstalled again before installing the latest driver from nVidia. In other words, you made a lot of extra work for yourself & all those uninstalls/installs/uninstalls *may* have left some stray files behind.

BTW, you need more RAM....512MB isn't enough for gaming. You should have at least 1GB, 2GB would be even better.

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June 25, 2009 at 17:20:29
Yeah you defiantly trashed them lol but appreciate it because it made me realize that i should have double checked with someone before purchasing. Jeeze you're right, i should of asked before, could of saved a lot more money and a better card. Sorry about the description on the pins, i don't know exactly what their called. Yeah I have a lot of extra cords from the PSU and I know I don't need the majority of them. I'm not for sure what is "required" as far as the connectors because it didn't say. It did come with x2 4-pin molex plugs and x1 4-pin (the one with the bolts out). I searched for the connector that came with the card and its this exact one below (4 pin molex power connector) of course not the same card


I have a unused 4-pin molex from the power connector that came with the graphics card and i cant connect it anywhere. I didn't uninstall the old card drivers. What should I do about that now? If it left stray files, what's the process of re-doing it freshly? I'm sorry for not clarifying that, I have x2 512MB of ram. A total of 2GB.

What I'm going to do is return the card and purchase the card that you recommended. The card you recommended has a 8 pin power connector and the card comes with a power cable that has a 8 pin connector available and x2 4 pin connectors. Do i connect them to two molex plugs from the psu? Or do I even need to? Can you give me some insight on hooking up the card you recommended and more detail about the specs? I have the general idea but want to make sure.

After reading reviews, some people said a single core processor (Pentium 4) might cause problems with the Radeon card and recommends a dual processor. I have a single processor. What do you think about those claims? Also, one guy said "Large size, you need a full ATX case" is the card THAT large? Do you think it'll fit into my Dell Demension 4500? Also, another review said it burned out his 500W PSU and 600 is recommended for him. If the card specs is 450, shouldn't 500 be enough?

**UPDATE** (Edited Message)
I uninstalled my old VC driver and then prompted a restart. Restarted the computer and then shut it down. Installed the 7900GS and tried to boot up my computer but nothing happened still. The screen was just black. Put back in my old VC and installed the driver. Hopefully i don't run into the same problem with the radeon card =/

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