New Sata Hard drive & Bd-Rom

March 26, 2009 at 20:26:39
Specs: Windows XP
I have an 4 year old gateway computer. I bought a new Sony BD-Rom Drive, and a SATA Barracuda Hard drive.
I see the hard drive in the BIOS, and I hear the hard drive running, however when I try to use my gateway restore disk, it will not boot from the disk drive. It states that the disk drive is not the primary disk drive.
Please help

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March 26, 2009 at 21:57:24
We can probably help you better if you supply the model number of your Gateway computer - it's probably on a label on the outside of the case.

"...SATA Barracuda..."

As far as I know the Seagate Barracuda models are 3.5" only - so you must have a desktop computer and not a laptop.

Are there now two hard drives connected and recognized by the bios on the computer, or just the new one?

The new hard drive has no data on it, and because of that it has no operating system and it's not recognized as bootable by the computer's bios yet.

You have to boot from the Gateway CD, but .....

Your single Gateway restore disk can only be used with the original hard drive along with the original data contents of the second partition on the original hard drive.

The original hard drive on brand name system computers always has a second partition that contains the data necessary to restore the original data on the much larger first partition - C.
Sometimes you can see that second partition in Windows but you're not allowed to access it, or the second partition is hidden so you can't see it in Windows, depending on what the brand name intended.

If you want to install the original Gateway software on the new hard drive......

- if you still have the original hard drive, that hard drive works fine, and it still has it's original data on it and Windows works fine, you can connect your original drive and......

.... also connect the new drive , and download MaxBlast from the Seagate site and install it on the original drive, and use MaxBlast to copy the existing data contents of the whole original drive to the new drive - use the Manual method so the new hard drive has two partitions that fill the drive and the second partition is the same size it is now. I can explain more if you need more info.

use the Gateway supplied program on the original hard drive to make the Restore disk set for your model, then you use that set to load the new hard drive with the original Gateway software.

If there is no such Gateway program, or if the original hard drive, or Windows on the original hard drive, is no longer working properly, or if it's data has been deleted, you may be able to order a set of Restore disks from the Gateway site for your exact model, and use that set to load the new hard drive with the original Gateway software.

If Gateway doesn't have the Restore disk set, you could search for one for your model on the web and buy one from them, and use that set to load the new hard drive with the original Gateway software.

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March 27, 2009 at 11:19:10
Gateway 500GR
Yes! it is a desktop.
This new disk drive is the only one. The other hard drives no longer work, at all and they have been disconnected.
I no longer have the original hard drive.
Will I have to buy a new XP cd?

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March 27, 2009 at 11:36:26
You need to change the boot order to make the new drive the first boot device. In addition to just having the boot order set for hard drive there should be another selection to select WHICH hard drive will be the hard drive to use.

If the original hard drive was NOT a SATA drive you will need to change the setting for the type of hard drive to AHCI if available, or you will need to slipstream the SATA drivers into the restore CD.

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March 27, 2009 at 13:07:20
Do you want to re-install the original Gateway software or not?

If you do, see response 1 - if you can buy a set of disks from Gateway or elsewhere, the set plus shipping usually costs a lot less than a single OEM XP Home CD costs (the cheapest option), you will have Windows plus all the other software, the drivers needed for the mboard are already installed, and you won't need to mess with bios Setup settings. You just boot with the first CD and everything is installed automatically, Windows is already Activated when it's finished.
E.g. I bought a 6? CD set for a Compaq desktop model for a friend - it was only $2x.xx plus shipping - I could choose several shipping methods, the faster the more expensive - I chose a fast but not the fastest method - it got to me in 4 days (it was shipped from the US to my location in Canada).

If you just want to install Windows and don't care about the rest of the Gateway supplied software, you can install Windows from a regular Windows CD but that's more complicated when you have a SATA drive, after Setup is finished you will have to install the drivers for the mboard, and get the drivers for anything else that Windows didn't find the drivers for automatically and install them - for things that came with the system you can get those from the Gateway web site in thedownloadsfor your model.

You don't necessarily have to buy a Windows CD. The Microsoft OEM Licencing that comes along with the Gateway software installation / the system allows you to legally use an OEM Windows CD, or a bootable COPY of an OEM Windows CD, of the same version your Gateway model is/was using, Home or Pro, along with the Product Key found on the official Microsoft sticker on the outside of the computer case somewhere, to install Windows on your computer.

If you have/had Windows MCE, that requires the TWO CD OEM MCE 2005 set, or a copy of that. It's unlikely you know anyone who has that set - you would probably have to buy that if you want MCE.

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