Mbr corroption,or disk read failur!

Maxtor Diamondmax 16 80gb hard drive
November 25, 2009 at 04:11:58
Specs: NONE
OK, I will first say what happend, then what i have done (or tried to do), then i will ask my question!
i am a new user on linux butt i have done many experiments and operations with it so i kind of understand what u will technicly say, and i hope i will have the solution.
i have tried almost all linux distribution installations, and they all went gr8, and even with dual booting with windows, butt once i was installing a gentoo linux (navynos), and there is were the problem started, in the installation i hade to delete all the existing partitions, linux'x and windows os's.
i installed the system, butt i ddnt install any boot maneger not to overwrite nothin since i have installed grub to the mbr long time ago. i just wanted to see what will happen(and i know its impossible to boot without adeting grub.conf file)..so i rebooted and i got unexpected results, and they say disk boot failure insert......,i know this looks like a familior situation to all,butt not in my case,(adding that other sata hard disk booting is correct,means no corruption in bios) ,and thats it, i have tryed all the winpe programes related to mbr work and partitioning tools , recovery,dos,diagnostics,almost every "free" tool i can get, nothing work and even parttion table doctor had problems recovering the partition table, and other programes couldint read the mbr, and the partition table, even they coulint read some sectors on the disk(and i did bad sectors check they were none).
i knew i made a big mistake some were butt the important thing is to fix it, i have also tryed 'fixmbr' frome recovery console...and still the same...i tried to install linux without boot manager then boot with plop boot manager, the answer is "disk read error".
i installed after that grub once again to mbr (frome pyppy linux) and now on primary booting i get "grub read error", and i think its gd, becoz the bios is reading the mbr and grub is starting to load....and i have edited grub to boot correctly and nothing worked.
the wierd thing is after all these operations (fixmbr), partition table doctor when rebuilding teh mbr, he is still giving me old results like teh once before fixmbr, isint that wierd!!!
OK, i know i canot explain my situation more than that, i have tried to much programes, butt my question is the following:
is there a way to clear the master boot record, then partititioning with fdisk or any other programe, then install linux or other, then boot grub installing it freshly on mbr.
or leav the corrupted mbr, and install linux on any other partition and creat an extended mbr on it, and getting the bios to skip the usual mbr test and test the secondary mbr on the other partition.

thank you for your time, and i hope my mesage was fairly understandble. and 1 more thing, is it possible that the disk is physiclly damaged and especially on the first sector, and without making wierd noise's..thank you again and gd luck in futur projects, mike

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November 25, 2009 at 06:11:46
{disk read error} as long as that error is received, you are in trouble. Several things to try.
NOTE: any time you are in side the case remove the power cable from comp to wall outlet.

1)reset the bios, you will have to enter bios on first reboot and set time and other items the way you need them.
2)try different power and sata cable to hdd
3)download hdd manufacture test program and run

If the first sector on hdd is bad, I know of no way to use hdd.

If you have a live linux cd you can write 0's to the first track of hdd with
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/xxx count=63 bs=512 xxx=hdd device name 'ie:hda, sda'
I would remove any other hdds.

Be sure in bios , if there is a item that has 'virus detection' turn it off. Do that all bios are different can not give exact name or where it might be found if it has the option.

I use and like plop boot manager but you had better understand all about partitions. Its is very easy to totally mess up and loose all if you have it using more then the standard 3 primary partitions.

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November 26, 2009 at 07:25:31
thank you for your information, i have done all of that before, and still nothin is working, have the manufacturer programe and i have done diagnostics, i have even did wrote zeros to all the disk sectors, and the problem still persists.
im curretly still working on it since it is very intresting for me, thank you for the info....

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November 26, 2009 at 10:38:51
I would next run a memory test program for 2+ hours. Bad memory can create intermittent problems that can look like other problems and just because one OS will work ' or live linux cd' does not mean the memory is good.

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