laptop is getting hot

dell /inspiron 630m
May 4, 2006 at 03:16:16
Specs: windows xp, intel mobile 1.8 / 512 ra
hi folks

i'm facing a problem with my DELL Inspiron 630m laptop , winXP pro .

sometimes i feel my laptop is getting hot ! i have installed SpeedFan and the results was : three fans founded , fan2 & fan3 is working pretty but it seems like the problem is in fan1 .

the value of fan2 , fan3 is 922 rpm . but the fan1 vlaue seems like dynamic cause it sometimes more than 2000 rpm and sometimes more than 3000 rpm , then it start taking the value of ZERO tham mean the fan1 stop working , after waiting for a while the laptop start heating untill the HDD temp equals 47 C and maybe reaching 50 C !

i know this is normal in some cases but the thing maede me afraid is that when it's getting hot i smell some bad smell from the air comming out from the laptop :S , and since i'm not familiar with SpeedFan here is it's result and pls tell me how i can fix this prob :

fan1= 0 rpm
fan2= 922 rpm
fan3= 922 rpm

HDD = 42 C
cpu = 39 C
temp1 = 34 C
dimm = 37 C
gpu = 37 C

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May 4, 2006 at 03:26:34
Take the fan readings with a pinch of salt, If your fan has a fast rpm, then speedfan will struggle to give you an accurate reading. I have a fan reading in speedfan which is somewhere between 0-350,000 depending on the second I look at it. I also get incorrect voltages from speedfan. Your Temps seem fine, although your HDD is a little "warm" at 47'C, I don't think it is OTT. For more accurate readings, you should look at your hardware moniter in your bios, you might be surprised by the difference in readings it may show.

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May 4, 2006 at 06:32:40
Hi, Never saw a Laptop with more than one fan. Could happen. SpeedFan is worthless until set up properly. See if the fan is running and clean. Jim

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May 4, 2006 at 11:37:49
yeah, my Asus A2500H laptop is always 53C too. I bought this little cooling mat which has 2 big fans built in. It helps a little and you can keep the laptop actually on you lap.

it looks like this:

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May 4, 2006 at 22:48:57
hi folks , it's me again

since i've no experince in assembleing a notebook i perfer to not to that but i think i find somthing usful for me and also for you

it's just another kind of software but this time is only for DELL notebooks ( it may work on other notebook ) . the program give you a manual control of all of the fans and you can choose what level you want ( slow , high , off ) and i choose high so the notebook temp is normally now even the readings of SpeedFan changed !

i know it's not a good idea to handle this on my reponsablity but i have no other choices :( i think SpeedFan isn't that bad and here is the program which controls the fans

remember that it's designed to work on DELL notebooks , and i don't know about other kinds .

thank you all guys !

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