Is my router going?

February 23, 2006 at 11:13:18
Specs: Windows 98, 128

My setup:
I connect to the internet via DSL, external modem, to a Linksys Wireless B router model # BEGW11S4. With 2 desktop PC's "networked" by hardwire from the router.
The problem:
Just recently I started getting randomly "Kicked" offline. While surfing the web and also when idol for awhile. (When I come back to the PC and am unable to get back on the web) Each time IE states "The page cannot be displayed".
My DSL provider suggests shutting down the modem and router and rebooting the PC. This resolves the problem for a short time and is a pain in the you know what. I eventually get "kicked" offline again.
Question: Do these symptoms sound like a hardware issue? Is it the Modem?
Could it be the router?(which my ISP suggests) Could it be DSL connection?(phone line issue)
How can I troubleshoot to find what causes my connection to fail.
Any help would be appreciated,

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February 23, 2006 at 12:47:33

Well an easy way to troubleshoot is to hook one computer directly up to the dsl modem. This will mean that the router and other computer will not be in the mix in terms of possibly causing an error. If you encounter the same problem, you will know it is either the modem, or something on your ISP's side. Just be careful. If the DSL modem does not have a built in router, hooking a computer directly to the modem is technically a bad practice. (It leaves your computer more open to vulnerabilities.) However, for a short testing/troubleshooting period, you should be fine. Post back with your results.

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February 23, 2006 at 13:12:33

Whenn I first got DSL I use to lose connection several times a day. The problem was our interior phone line. (Was over 40 years old.) Ran new lines and now runs almost trouble free. Check your phone line for noise and static and check how many phones are connected.

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February 23, 2006 at 13:12:47

Thanks for the post.
I'll try leaving the router out of the mix.
I'll post back in a day or two with results.

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