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October 19, 2009 at 04:06:39
Specs: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, 1.195 GHz / 767 MB
Hallo,i have a problem,i have a K7V8363 K7B/E,in the history of QDI i can find a K7B/C and the K7E but not the K7B/E.
The big differance is that the first two are 200 MHz and the last one is 200-266MHz and that is much faster but i have a mixture and is not named in the list of QDI but is mine 266MHz too and do you now what is the last bios update for this mobo.
The last Question is do you have a manual for this mobo.
I am a Dutchman and i hope you understand my English,my regarts,Paul Soetens

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October 19, 2009 at 05:50:44
Where did you get that model number from? a software program? or did you actually open the case & get the model number from the board?

I believe the slash is what's throwing you off. If you look at the QDI site, there is no K7B/'s actually K7B-C. When you see K7B/E, it most likely means that it relates to all K7B models thru K7B-E. This would exclude model K7B-T, otherwise it would be listed as K7B/E/T.

The easist way to tell what you have would be to identify the northbridge chipset. The K7B & K7B-C are based on the VIA KT133 chipset which only supports 200MHz FSB. The K7E, K7E-A & K7E-C all use the VIA KT133A which supports 266MHz FSB.

You listed the CPU speed as 1.195GHz. My guess is the board underclocks the CPU frequency slightly & runs at 99.6MHz rather than 100MHz. That would mean you have an early Athlon 1200 (12 x 100MHz). However, if your CPU is supposed to run at 266MHz FSB, you probably have an Athlon XP 1900+ which runs at 1.6GHz (12 x 133MHz). If you're sure you have both a 266MHz FSB CPU & 266MHz FSB board, you have to reconfigure the jumpers on the board because they're currently set for 200MHz.

Try giving CPUZ a try. It *may* help you to identify both the board & the CPU:

QDI is just another PCChips clone so if you need a manual, all you need to do is match your board up to the PCChips or ECS version.

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October 20, 2009 at 03:30:13
Hallo, you were a great help for me,after a long search for the fsb jumper i found him ,because he had 2 pins in stead of 4 i looked over him,(connect or not connect).
So i was sure that it was the fast one,then i remembered me a special code you see in the first black page when you start the computer(03-08-2001-8363-686B-6A6LMQ19C-00),a part of this code stood in the specifications,i searched that code by google and i found exactly my mobo with al the specifications.So he has the fsb from an 7E.
There is one problem because i cannot find a manual of this mobo,when you click one manual you get an empty page with only the web name.
I hope you have an idee for this problem.
The last question is that i looked for the multiplier but i could not find him so i think he does it automaticly,but what is the maximum he can multiply,is that 12X or can that be more with the last bios update.
I want to thank you very much becauce you brought me on the ide of the fsb jumper and so i found the rest ,
Paul Soetens

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