help w/old HD installed externally

CLD14 January 31, 2009 at 19:07:02
Specs: Windows Vista
Need some help with obtaining some files & Outlook .pst file from old HD which is now encased in an Acomdata enclosure & connected to new desktop PC. My new system is Vista home premium on 500 GB HD, and former was 80 GB PATA harddrive with XP. The external drive mounts although weirdly - in device manager it shows up as a Toshiba USB 2.0 HD, and a right click on properties shows device is working properly while another tab shows it as not initialized. However, in Computer when I try to access the device, a message says to insert CD! THe drive shows up in Device Manager under disk drives and inCD-ROM drives. Somewhere I was looking last night & now can't remember where, there was a choice to check whether I wanted to USE or enable this drive, and I clicked out of it not knowing what would happen and not wanting to cause the computer to reboot or anyhing. Searching help and internet for 3 days has been of no help as there's always a missing tidbit of info or situation not like mine.

How can I access what's on this external drive? Do I enable or initialize it somehow first? Then, what will happen since XP is on old hard drive and Vista on new PC? HOw exactly do I find the Outlook .pst file and move it to Outlook in Vista? Will it contain all email and calendar, etc.?

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

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January 31, 2009 at 20:18:50
Easy part first. Once working, the drive will show up as another disk drive in my computer and you will be able to browse (and copy/paste) all the files on it just as you can an other folder on your computer. It doesn't matter what operating system is installed on that drive. The .PST file will contain all your emails, contacts, calendar, etc. The best way to find it is to just do a search on the external drive for "*.pst".

Now the hard part. I don't know why the drive shows up as a CD. You should confirm that it is installed in the enclosure correctly, including confirming any jumpers on the drive are set correctly and that all the connections are tight. Then, confirm there is no special software/drivers needed to use the drive enclosure. You can also try connecting it to another computer to copy the pst file and other important files. Finally, the drive may be corrupt.

-Ryan Adams
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