Front Panel MIC to Mobo connection ?

July 10, 2009 at 10:35:50
Specs: Windows XP SP2, AMD/512 MB
Hello All,
I have a ASUS K8VMX mother board and a case that has a front panel audio connection.I tried everything but I cant get my mic at the front panel to work. The audio and mic at the back is fine.
However only the audio works for the front panel but not the MIC.

The connections on the Mother board is as follows :
MIC PWR - - +5VA
Line Out R - - B Line Out R
NC -
Line Out L - - B Line Out L

- represent the Pins

The front panel wire has MIC IN,MIC PWR,Line Out R,B Line Out R,Line Out L,B Line Out L and AGND

However its not having the wire connector for +5VA. I dont know if this is the issue ? However in this configuration the audio works pretty fine !!

Pls help me out.Is my case missing a wire for the +5VA to be connected to the Mother board or am have I dont something wrong ?

Thanks a lot folks

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July 10, 2009 at 13:35:31
- if you have more than two speakers connected, you can't have a mic connected to the front port connection and have it work - when you have more than just a pair of speakers connected, you lose the ability to use a mic's input, because the sound's circuits uses for ports have been logically re-mapped to accomodate you using more than two speakers. Connecting a mike to the header won't work in that case.
- that a mic's volume is MUTED in Windows in the sound mixer settings by default (RIGHT click on the speaker icon in your taskbar, select Open Volume Control). When you use a program that a mic can be used in, that's supposed to be and usually is automatically un-muted. You must use a program a MIC is required for.
If you don't see the mic settings in the mixer settings, click on Properties at top left in the mixer settings to insert a checkmark in the box beside mic
- every soundchipset works best with a mic that has a specific impedence - if the impedence of the mic you're using is not ideal you may have to turn up the mic volume a lot, or sometimes there is a mic boost feature you can choose in the sound mixer's setiings somewhere.

Manual for your model, page 34 of the pdf

On the one end of the header, MIC2, AGND in the other row beside it.
That's probably all you need to connect.

(if you want to connect to a headphones case port, you have to remove the two jumpers on the header if they are there and connect wires to those pins the jumpers were on).

You do not connect to the one for +5v unless the mic requires power -in most situations it doesn't unless you have a special more expensive mic, and in any case from what you're saying your case doesn't have the wire for that.
The MIC connection for a sound codec chip on that header is often mono rather than stereo.
You could try connecting MICPWR to MICPWR but it probably won't yield you stereo input.

The sound chip is the ADI AD1888 6 channel (5.1) codec (uses SoundMax software).

You have only three sound ports.
The uses for them are Line out , Line in and Mic, but that's ONLY if you connect just a pair of amplified speakers to Line out (the green port).

If the proper software for it is installed, there should be an icon for it in Control Panel where you set the uses for it's ports, and/or a listing for it in your programs list, and/or when you plug into other than the green port on the back of the case, that utility may pop up and ask what are you connecting.

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July 12, 2009 at 19:43:34
Thanks for the detailed help.
I tried the software solution that you mentioned and I went to the SoundMAX audio settings and I figured I could turn the front panel MIC on which is an option there but like you said its not evident right away.

But here is a new problem - I can use either the front side or back end MIC port.Note both unless I enable/disable this option on SoundMAX. No audio is connected currently.
I wont be using both the ports simultaneously but it would be great if I have the ability to plug into either of these without going to SoundMAX to select them each time..
Would that be possible ?

Thanks a ton Tubesandwires for the wonderful help.

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July 12, 2009 at 20:38:09
"I can use either the front side or back end MIC port."

That's common when you have a codec sound chip - one or the other.

However, other mics can be connected other ways - e.g. a mic in a web cam that's plugged into a USB port, but that's only enabled when you use the webcam's software.
Or - Windows (95 and up) will support more than one sound chipset - if you had a sound card in a PCI slot as well , the mic port in that would work too, but Windows can only output sound to one sound chipset at a time (selectable in XP in Control Panel - Sounds and Audio Devices; otherwise, the last sound drivers installed are the default) and that may apply to the mic input on the sound card in a slot too. Some sound cards have both a mic port and a header you can connect a port on a desktop case to, too. I don't know if both work - I've never tried that.

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July 14, 2009 at 01:24:17
how do I select ur answer as the Solution answer ? Would like to credit you for that :-)

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July 14, 2009 at 10:33:07
" do I select ur answer as the Solution answer ?"

I don't know what you mean by that.

This site has had the Vote feature for at least a few months, at the right end of the blue bar at the top of each post, except the first one. Your last post is the first one I've noticed of the 36xx active Topics I've participated in answering where someone has actually voted.

It is enough of a reward for me to have actually had someone I responded to cure the problem they were having because of something I posted, or because of something I and others who responded posted.
There are too many Topics here where there is no indication from the person who originally posted that their problem was cured - sometimes they never post again after their first post.

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