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July 18, 2009 at 06:46:22
Specs: Windows XP
Installed a Brother scanner/printer/copier/fax machine (MFC-290c) and now landline phone plugged into computer doesn't work. (Voip ?)Found out MFC is not voip compatable (must not use a splitter on DSL line-has to be stand alone unit) but when I take it offline and reboot ALL (modem, router, computer, etc.) phone still won't work. All cables, wiring, and connections are good. Even plugging directly into DSL line by itself doesn't work. Can't seem to restart computer phone plugin. Using DSL filters. Never had problem before. Phone works in any other phone jack in any other room. All other phones work. Thanks.

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July 18, 2009 at 08:32:12
Usually when you have a DSL or ADSL enabled connection to your ISP, you don't have a separate (dedicated) telephone line for that - the DSL or ADSL capability is there everywhere you can connect to the telephone line where you live or work. In that case, all devices that connect to the telephone line where you're living or working other than your high speed modem, or combo router / high speed modem, MUST have a DSL or ADSL filter inline between the connection to the telephone wall connection and the device, otherwise the non DSL or ADSL device is likely to not work correctly. That includes your MFC device's dial-up fax modem telephone line connection, and the dial-up modem on the computer if you have one, which will DEFINATELY NOT work correctly.

That said, a simple "just a telephone" often works anyway when directly connect to a DSL or ADSL enabled telephone line connection without a filter inline - but in that case you often hear high pitched noise when you pick up that phone.

A simple phone will probably work in any telephone jack. If it doesn't there's something wrong with it's cable or another cable or splitter or it's connection that connects it to the wall connection. Try another cable or splitter. It should definately work in the wall jack, if it works in other wall jacks that connect to the same incoming line.

NOTE that if your MFC device or your dial-up modem on your computer has two telehone jacks, one for Line, the other for Phone, sometimes the device won't work correctly if the connection from the wall (which usually must have a DSL or ADSL filter inline) connects to the Phone jack rather than the Line jack - make sure it's in the Line jack.

You don't necessarily have to use a DSL of ADSL filter for every device at a particular connection to the wall telephone connection - you can use a simple telephone line splitter AFTER one filter to connect to more than one non DSL or ADSL device. You can use a simple telephone line splitter BEFORE the DSL or ADSL filter , and have a line to the DSL or ADSL device, and another connection from the splitter to a DSL or ADSL filter, from which you can connect to non DSL or ADSL devices, such as your MFCmachine andadial-up modem on your computer.

You can easily check your dial-up modem on your computer when you have one, in Windows, to see if it's working correctly. Of course, the drivers for it must be already installed and it must have been previously recognized by Windows.
In XP, you go to Control Panel - Phone and Modem - Modems tab.
Highlight the modem you want to check, choose Properties.
Diagnostics tab - Query Modem button.
You should get a list of successful reponses - if you do, there's nothing wrong with it or it's drivers.

If you are using an XP MCE operating system version......

XP's Media Center versions, and maybe Vista's and 7's, has a call display feature.
If you have a dial-up modem that supports call display on a computer that has Media Center, and software installed that has a call display feature, Media Center's call display feature is always on, even when you're not actually using Media Center (the bug), so if you also use software that has a call display feature, Media Center's call display support interferes with the other software's call display support.
You have to disable Media Center's call display support, which in XP's Media Center versions is tied to it's Microsoft Messenger support, in it's settings in Media Center, if you want to use other software's call display support. When you disable that, you get a message about Messenger not being installed when you start Media Center, even if it is installed (Messenger works fine when you access it outside of Media Center ).

Your symptoms may not lead to you discovering what the problem really is.
E.g. I found that if the call display feature is enabled in MCE 2005, the default, HotFax works correctly for a short while after you install or re-install the HotFax software, but then it doesn't from then on . I could then not answer incoming calls (or faxes) with it. HotFax (6) works fine in XP Home or Pro, and when the call display feature is disabled in MC in MCE 2005.

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