external hard drive (won't read it)

August 20, 2007 at 16:04:51
Specs: Windows XP Home Edition, P4 3.2GHz/1GB

Everything was working well until yesterday afternoon. I save all my data in my driveboy or external hard drive, whatever you call it. It has 160GB of space, and the PC hard drive has another 160. Just yesterday, though, it started to slow down when I tried to open files from there (mostly photos). Now the computer won't even read the thing. My brother says it's because I left the computer on for so long (3 days) is that possible? I had left it for that amount of time before, when I am working on something and rather not turn the computer off, but this is the first time it happens. Now it won't read it and absolutely all of my info is in there. Do you guys have any idea? Can I recover my data?


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August 20, 2007 at 16:33:54
3 days is not a long time for a harddrive to be on. I have machines that have ben on 24/7 for years with only occasional shutdowns.

What do you mean it started to slow down? Did your computer shutdown and automatically reboot during that time?

Does the Exxternal drive show in My Computer or Disk Management?

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August 20, 2007 at 16:40:48
Exactly, that is what I said. Computers are designed to stay on for LONG periods of time.

I mean that when I tried to open a folder, from the external hard drive, it would take longer and longer for the computer to open that folder. That didn't happen if I tried to open a folder directly from the PC's drive.

It doesn't show in My Computer, no. I can hear the thing running when I plug it, but it doesn't read it. Yesterday it did show up in My Computer, but it didn't open any files and the PC got stuck every time I tried. If I took the external hard drive out, the PC would go back to work normally.

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August 20, 2007 at 20:49:51
Faulty computer power supplies are common.
Check the current voltages in your bios Setup - if the +5v reading is more than 10% lower than 5v (< 4.5v) , your USB, and firewire if you have that, won't work properly, and you may not get the normal data trasfer rate between the external drive and the computer. If that's the case, or if any voltage (+3.3, +5, +12) is more than 10% high or low, you need to replace your computer PS.

If that's okay, it's not unheard of for the external power supply for an external drive enclosure to become faulty. If it is faulty your hard drive may not work properly, and/or it won't be able to transfer data as fast as it should, but there is probably nothing wrong with it. If you run a hard drive diagnostic on the drive and the enclosure circuits or it's PS has a problem, the results of the test might not be valid.
If you have a spare internal connector,IDE or SATA, the hard drive can connect to (if you don't temporarily disconnect a CD drive), remove the drive from the enclosure, jumper the drive appropriately if you need to, try it in your case.
If it works fine, you need to get another external power supply for the external case, or replace the external enclosure.
If it is still slow,
Check your hard drive that was in the external case.
See the latter part of response 1 in this:

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August 21, 2007 at 08:56:21
Try changing the USB cable and also plug it into a different USB port. I had that problem with my Sony Vaio USB ports, if I changed ports everything worked fine.

**Yesterday it did show up in My Computer**
Also try completely removing the device from Device Manager, removing the .inf files from WINNT\DRIVERS\ETC\ and running the driver uninstallation program

Some HELP in posting on Cnet plus free progs and instructions Glad to Help!

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