Display Is Temperamental

Sony / Vaio vgn-fe11
July 15, 2009 at 18:29:48
Specs: Windows XP, Core Duo 1.66/1GB
When I turn on my Sony Laptop the display will turn on but will have horizontal lines and looks scambled (so I cant actually read anything on the screen) This used to happen 1 in every 20 boots but now is a lot more frequent - 2 in 3 boots.

If I apply a fair bit of pressure to the back of the screen the it will come good but as soon as I let go it goes all scrambled again.

I am able to hook up the laptop to an external screen so I know the video card is alright. I suspect that it may be a loose wire between the screen and the motherboard.

I took my laptop to a family friend who is an electrician and he said that I would need a new motherboard. Im not sure if his diagnoses is correct as the screen does work fine now and again and I can use it on an external screen with no problems. I guess its possible the connection to the screen on the motherboard is damaged thus the suggestion for the new motherboard. He said it would cost 295 for a new motherboard and 50 for labour.

I would appreciate any suggestions or thoughts.

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July 15, 2009 at 21:39:15
Ok the electrician is wrong. The mb is under the kb not behind the screen. There is a ribbon cable that runs from the mb to the lcd. On the back of the lcd there's a connector for the ribbon cable. Ill bet you have a loose solder joint on the connector. Fixing this will require removing the backpanel from the lcd. Taking it into a shop will cost $100 to $200 maybe a little more.

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