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September 27, 2005 at 17:59:00
Specs: windowsxp, Pentium 4

My computer refused turn on, called a computer tech., who said it was a defective motherboard. We ordered a new one from Dell, it came, but was not the right model and would not fit into the case., called Dell, who said the warehouse switched the part. Was told to send the wrong part back, which I hav ed done.
Dell claims they have no more of the correct part and will not perhaps until 2006. How can I find another part, (need part F4491, Dell Dimention 4600 series.) I really need my computer, and all the stuff on it. The computer is less than 2 years old, but not on warrentee. Even if I brought a new computer, just how could I get my stuff off the old one when it won't turn on.
Are there other sites to buy this Dell parts? I ran across this site while looking under google for parts and so far did not find any.
Any advise would be so appreciated.

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September 27, 2005 at 18:57:35


I wish I could give you an easy answer, however, you along with millons of others have fallen into the Dell trap. They use proprietary motherboards and only their motherboard will fit into their proprietary cases.

With that said, if you buy a new PC that is non-proprietary and open, you should be able to attach your current hard drive, and copy whatever files you deem important.

If you buy a PC with an EIDE hard drive, you should be able to insert your current drive as a slave (making sure the jumpers are set correctly).

If you buy a PC with a SATA hard drive, you should be able to insert your current drive into the IDE controller of the motherboard.

If you find this confusing, find a knowledgable techie and suggest he refer to this posting.

An example of a site that fits the bill I described above is

Good luck.

I - Sandor J

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September 27, 2005 at 19:06:46

I don't know how a techie can diagnose a bad motherboard over the phone, unless it's a common defect with your model? If it won't turn on, it seems to me it would be a power supply issue, not a bad board.

Were YOU going to install this new board? If you're capable of doing that, why not just buy a "real" board instead of a crappy Dell replacement & just rebuild the system yourself?

But before doing anything though, I suggest you troubleshoot. How about explaining what happened & how...& what your computer does when you try to fire it up

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September 27, 2005 at 19:50:45

Certain models (the GX270 comes to mind) are notorious for bad capacitors. I am not sure about this Dell model. Have you tried eBay, or just done a google search for Dimension 4600 motherboard?

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September 28, 2005 at 08:02:18


This particular auction has a 3 day guarantee for dead on arrival (DOA). Be sure to look for the DOA gurantees since eBay can be dicey at times and this is an expensive part.

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September 28, 2005 at 19:06:44

Thank you all for your replies. Sandor--I will discuss the things you said with my computer tech. sounds good and this is probably what I will end up doing.

Jam, perhaps my message was not clear, my computer tech. came to my house, spent an hour diagosing the problem and then ordered the mother board for me (the one when delivered was wrong, the warehouse having subsituted I subseqently found out) The tech. was back at my house when this was discovered, nice guy, at least he did not charge me for that visit. Your question about what happens when it was turned on. Absolutely Nothing. And, of course I was not going to put the motherboard in myself, I am 75 years old and luckly to be able to know how to use a computer but certainly not to fix one. Thanks for answering, though.

GX1 and Randy--I have been searching through Google with not much success, but will continue, also, I have looked on Ebay,

At this point, I have talked to 8 different people at Dell, the last one said that the board would be available in 2006, but he would put in an email to the customer Service to see if they would make one sooner,.,(ha ha) I am giving him 2 days before I call again.
I was extremly happy to learn that I could tranfer my stuff on the hard drive to a new computer even if the old one would not turn on. Thats probably will be what I will have to do. Many thanks again.

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October 5, 2005 at 11:44:14


A friend of mine had a Dimension 4600 motherboard problem as well. There are actually three motherboards that were designed for this model -- F4491, 2Y832, and N2828. All are hard to find/expensive!

What I ended up doing for him is to purchase a barebone Dimension 8300 on ebay and transferring all of his components (drives, video card, CPU, and memory) to the 8300. Everything worked easily. The only other thing I had to purchase was a new case/CPU fan & shroud. I also had to scrounge up an extra set of those green drive mounting slide thingies for his extra CD drive. In your case you would also probably need an AGP video card, since most, if not all, 8300 motherboards do have video built in.

You would also not have to use a dell barebone system. Almost any barebone system with a socket 478 motherboard would work. I am sure your tech can make suggestions.

Good luck with getting up and going again!


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October 7, 2005 at 21:39:31

Hi, I have a dell 4600 aswell and i am suffering from the same problem. My computer won't powerup. there is a small light which turns on when the main power cable is put in but when i press the power button it won't startup. do you really think that it is a motherboard problem and not the power sullpy cord (which connects the power button and the motherboard).

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October 10, 2005 at 20:28:56

I too am having the same problem, while the green light on the mb is on, the computer will not power up.

I wanted to build my own system, my wife wanted the dell.

I have the 2Y832 version of this MB, just in case it means anything.

Rather than spending >200 on a new dell mb, I would like to ask about the following idea:
Can I xferr all the hardware (cpu,video,memory,HD,CD drives,floppy) into a new barebones system I buy (case&MB)?

What about the os that came with the 4600? I assume I need to buy XP as well as office again?

Will I be able to get away with the old software if I got a barebones 8300?


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October 24, 2005 at 09:56:04

I am a computer tech for a pc shop in Missouri, I have come across a Dimension 4600 with the board being dead. Anyway, now that you know why I am here, to answer jas100's questions. Yes, you can transfer the old hardware to a new system. Most cases not, but there is a small possibility of having to reload after the new installation of the motherboard. You can use the old OS which came with the system, you have paid for that license, and that license is for your use, as long as it remains on one PC at a time. Same with Office. You own it, only legal to be on your pc and one pc.

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October 26, 2005 at 01:16:44

Purchased a new power supply thinking that's why it does't turn on but it still doesn't turn on. New and old power supply starts but then stops wihtin seconds. I can see some capcitors and they seem to be "fat" but can't really tell. My question is is there a case and motherboard that I can transfer my Dell parts, especially my cpu and memory, into?

Thanks for any help or suggestions


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